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Thyroid Results frustration

I have been trying to get my latest thyroid reading from my doctors surgery yet again. This is exactly as it happened.

When my blood was taken the nurse said she would test t3 and T4 etc. I asked for a copy of the results. She said no problem ask the receptionist when they come back. I pointed out that I knew I wouldn't get them so asked her to put a little note and get them ready for me.

1 I went down asked the receptionist to print them as they weren't ready. Her response we are not trained to do so asked her to get the doctor to do it. I asked her to let me know when they were ready.

2 I waited two days went back in and they weren't there so she said she would ask the doctor again

3 I phoned and asked if they were ready the next day. Her reply nothing here so asked her to bring it up on screen and give me them over the phone again sorry I am not trained to do it lol.

4 I asked to speak to a doctor and her reply was , if you need to speak to a doctor you must ring at eight thirty and make an appointment. By now I am furious.

5 I said this is now a farce and said I was quite entitled to have a print out even if I had to pay and would she mind flaming well speak to the doctor at some point through the day and say I really would like a print out. Her reply sorry we don't take request over the phone. By now smoke is coming out of my ears and said I have had enough and asked what are you doing in your little box I KNOW you are not trained but insist you speak to someone who was trained and that it was now a week or more of me going to the surgery twice and three phone calls and I don't normally play my sympathy card but told her that as I was a wheelchair user it was downright annoying as it takes a lot of effort to get down to the surgery.

6 lo and behold I got a phone call WOW only to be told my t3 is 1.8 and is normal. I certainly am NOT happy. I said that I'd asked for the full report and was told "why "I just told you they are normal. GRRRRRR

I seriously need to calm down before I make an appointment. What is it with doctors and

Sorry for the rant


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You could call and speak to the practice manager. Tell him/her that you are entitled to a copy of the results under the Data Protection Act and it seems downright perverse to insist you see a doctor for something that really does NOT require their time. Or write them a formal letter.

There is no point in getting angry with the receptionists, its a management issue.


I agree with Ruthi. You need the practice manager.

The answer to give to 'Why do you need them' is 'for my records'.

T3 1.8 could be normal or could be appalling as they haven't told you the range. It's unlikely to be optimal.

Some surgeries are getting online, and some of those allow you to see your test results online. Mine let me see my previous prescriptions.


I know Ruthi you are quite right it's a management issue but for a receptionist who is on the computer all day to say she doesn't know how to print a blood test off is quite alarming. It's not the issue that's she's been told not to print off the results . She keeps telling me she's not been trained to do it. Also the fact that the doctor asked her to phone me stating it was normal knowing full well I had asked for a print out. As you can see I am very irritable at the moment when normally I just go with the flow lol.

Thanks for your help

June xx

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Hi June,

I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Fit to be tied.

I had the same experience last year, after a very bad fall, and a diagnoses of B12 def/PA .

I couldn't remember my own name due to a bleed on the brain and the forgetfulness that comes with B12 deficiency.

To be fair, before this happened, the staff were very helpful and civil, but for years I was just getting a repeat script for Levo and a few blood tests now and again. So i was a 'model' customer.

Then I became very ill and the tables turned. I was on the phone more often, asking for print outs , asking for copies of discharge letters, asking for this and that.

I felt that they had become the most unhelpful, unsympathetic, bunch of uncaring people I had ever met.

I spoke with the Doctor about their attitude and it was the best medicine, so to speak. 😜

So be annoyed, it will pass, but there is simply No excuse whatsoever for that kind of attitude to anyone, let alone sick patients.

Your post brought it all back to me.

Lol 😡

J 🍀


Hi Jose thanks for the reply. My post is probably a bit unfair because Of how I am feeling right now. I have C MT and everything is put down to that but I know most things are not related to it at all. I went for ages telling them all my symtoms eventually I went into complete meltdown a couple of years ago which was when I was put on 25 levo then 50-75 and now a 100. My doctor told me last year that I had been borderline since 2004. I was so upset that it took so long to be given help and that was purely down to this group giving articles etc to take to the doctor and insisting I was put on medication and with each blood test the dose went up. I was feeling fine up to August this year and seem to be slipping back.. Like you I have a good relationship at the surgery it's only when it comes to my thyroid. They have quite a range which is supposedly normal. If I was asking for Meds I could understand it . Well I will make an appointment and ask the doctor myself and if it fails I will drop a letter to the practice manual. I use online for scripts but they do not do records online. I know I am having a good old moan on here ( tonic in itself) but I don't like complaining as I know how busy they. Good luck and keep well and thanks for the reply

June x

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We all need a bit of a Tonic June, preferably in Gin and a slice of Lime of course, 🍹🍹

J xx


Actually under the Data Protection Act 1998 GPs are well within their rights to make you put in a WRITTEN request to get your blood test results.

So since the receptionist is "unable" to help you write a Data Subject Access Request to the practice manager asking for a print out of blood test results. Either hand deliver the letter or send it by recorded delivery. (The latter will save you time if you have to escalate the issue.) Link -

If you do this EVERY single time - changing the date of the test results you want a print out of - the practice will get the message. When they don't comply take the matter further -


Thank you I will do that tomorrow. Our practise nurse has left and she always took them off if I needed. It's just I have been having problems, weight gain, pain dry skin ,very irritable,forgetfulness etc.

When I last posted results on here they told me 1 and below was where I should be but really wanted to put my full results on here before I went to see the doctor with all my information. I know he told me me that I was in the normal range but the practice nurse was so more sympathetic as she had thyroid problems herself and I know the doctor told the receptionist to tell me it was 1.8 and it was normal. (I take 100 levothyroxine ) but I certainly don't feel normal. I just feel I am taking someone's appointment who might really need it,when all I want is a printout.

Thank you for the advice and taking time to reply .


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Very Alice in Wonderland, isn't it? I do hope you get somewhere with all this.


Hello and thanks for all your help on here. After all the fuss trying to get my test printed I booked an appointment with my doctor. Just for curio there was a different receptionist on and I told him I was going to speak to the doctor about a print out for my thyroid test. Well lo and behold he said oh I can do that know for you if you like which he promptly did. I mentioned that I couldn't get it before and he said would you like to have your tests available on line so I said yes as I manage my prescriptions ,appointments etc online. What a pleasure to see a friendly young man.

As I had an appointment to see the doctor i went in to see him and I explained I hadn't been feeling well and was sure it was my thyroid. Well I thought what a fuss after he examined me. I had to have blood test ecg and a chest Xray . Well you can knock me down with a feather when after the ecg I was asked to wait while the nurse took it to a doctor. The doctor came to talk to me and explained I'd had a mild heart attack at some time but not that recently and that was why I was feeling so poorly. I see a cardiologist in a few days. The doctor says it looks like a mild one but must be investigated I am just so glad I went. So ladies yes we all have trouble trying to sort out our thyroid problems but sometimes it is other things. I was so so sure it was my thyroid.

Just to finish off after all the fuss of getting the results well here it is. Sorry can't upload not sure how to but this is all it says

serum THS SERUM (XAELV) result 1.86 ( 0.35-4.5 ) so really tells me nothing as no other numbers on the results lol. looked online and says the same but with a note to say normal.

Can't thank you ladies enough you are always so helpful and encouraging. I am sure (hope) I have nothing to worry about and will be back to normal soon whatever that is lol.

June xx

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