Confused to say the least with endo comment

I got a letter from my endo, regarding my last appt, reading through it, he said, that when I was diagnosed with low thyroid during my pregnancy, and further bloods tests taken a year after I gave birth, would not suggest I have a thyroid problem, the results from the antibodies taken do not biochemically suggest any problems with my thyroid... I asked him, so basically your telling me my tsh t4, whilst on 125mcg Levo, was within range but I've not got a thyroid issue? He said that, because my antibodies was negative I do not need to be on levothyroxine or t3.

So I'm confused.. Or am I missing something here?

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  • Nikki, pregnancy can induce hypothyroidism which often recovers post-partum. Thyroid hormone replacement will be prescribed throughout pregnancy, not least to ensure good foetal development, and discontinued when thyroid levels normalise post-partum. A subsequent pregnancy is likely to trigger hypothyroidism which may not recover and may be permanent.

    Some doctors will prescribe thyroid hormone when TSH is >5 in the presence of antibodies as autoimmune thyroid disease means progression to overt hypothyroidism is inevitable. What are your thyroid levels now?

  • In April my tsh was 1.25 I was 150mcg Levo... I'm seeing my gp later for the recent tests, but now I'm not on Levo only t3. I shall post later my recent results, be interesting to see where I am on t3, I've got more bloods to be taken on Thursday, including antibodies, but this time I will leave 24 hours without taking t3 .

  • Nikki, How long after your pregnancy was April? You weren't overmedicated then.

  • I gave birth in may 2012, i was told to come off levo, which i did, after about 4 weeks, i felt awful, all hypo symptoms, i went back to my gp, he done a tsh test and agreed that i should start taking levo again, with a gradual increase by further bloods, it then settled at 150mcg.

  • Nikki, it sounds like your endo is talking out of his rear end then. Perhaps you should ditch him and find someone else.

  • I think your right, I shall post my results a bit later.. Thank you clutter

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