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Buying Armour in UK

Hi guys,

Same as post earlier but if anyone can pm me to let me know a reliable/decent website to order Armour from.I'd be grateful.

I'm seeing my Dr to prescribe it for me but she is specialist and can't be seen till mid October so may need 1 bottle between now and then.

I have a few sources but got spanked on imprt duties last time and it was expensive anyway.


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Kinoble, 20% VAT is due on all imports over £15 plus p&p outside of the EU and if your parcel is assessed by HMRC the carrier will pay the duty on your behalf and levy a handling charge. RM charge £8, priority delivery carriers charge around £13.


Armour is the most expensive of the lot..... Have you tried any other brands?


Reply highly recommended and also this website is excellent for well researched, thorough information on many health issues: Well worth a look! Good luck :-)


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