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Not morgellans!!!

I've had an itchy scalp for a while, and then the other day I was scratching my head, and scratching my shins also. Out came the nit comb, unused for the years since the grandchildren came out of school to be home educated.

Nope, not nits.

My eyesight is weak, but I saw something poking out here and there. Waving about, or was it the fan slowly turning from side to side ...

Morgellans! (I watch a lot of YouTube) ...

A wave of panic overturned me. I hadn't even made my Will yet. I looked up at the sky, bright blue, with faint white dispersing trails from the planes at nearby airport. They looked deceptively normal.

With palpitations, I hastily found a powerful magnifying glass and focussed on the blighters, damn them.

Not morgellans ... hairy legs coming back. 😂

Love to all. 😌

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Lucky you! I've got my pink fingers and toes back. Hopefully I'll now lose the yellow toenails...


That's fungus, check gut health, candida (very common), currently I am flooding my gut daily with good bacteria in the form of homemade kefir (if you buy a little spoonful, it grows each time and you have to freeze the surplus or give it away. It makes me feel very full of abundance, this stuff). Much cheaper than buying the bottled milk kefir (tasty though it is - I tried this before I decided to make my own).

I take this on morning porridge, and also in a daily smoothie which I make up with fresh or frozen berries, a dash of pomegranate extract, the odd half of banana,,and a small spoon of demerara sugar. Sometimes I will add some ordinary milk or yoghurt, or almond milk to top up to the line in my Nutriblast). Heavenly. I had a problem big toe with fungus, and it is now pink like the others. the above two recipes constitute two meal/snacks of my five meal/snacks a day.


Thanks. I have an uncooked "porridge" made from oat groats, barley flakes, sunflower and pumpkin seeds soaked for 24 hours (might try 48 hours, so they actually sprout). I've been getting kefir in a tetrapak from a Polish shop, but haven't been sufficiently organized to make my own. Do you use whole or skimmed milk?

I've had several courses of antibiotics, including less than a year ago. One big toenail was looking quite good, compared to January - now I'm not so sure. The other looks like some dreadful claw and may detach of its own accord fairly soon. I used to eat a fair amount of home-made marmalade etc., but hardly any sugar, these days.


I don't cook my porridge either: oats a few raisins and maybe coconut powder or flakes, a sprinkle of almonds ...

For the kefir, I use Waitress whole fat milk, organic but pasteurised. Old fashioned milk, the cream comes to the top. Duchy Originals brand, I get online from Ocado four 4pt bottles at a time and freeze. Not scared of saturated fats. Look up demerara sugar, if made correctly it is relatively unrefined. You could use honey or maple syrup, or none of these. Just a small tsp. My kefir grains were raised on that milk, so I'm keeping them happy.

I tried making it with almond milk, the jar separated with yellow whey at the top and white sediment on the sea floor so I gave it to the cats, (2), and they voted one for and one against.

Luckily I had kept aside some of the milksops to start again.


F&P :-D :-D I can put up with the return of leg hairs but I find it very annoying that they're sprouting on my chin too :x


I knew ably eyebrows but hadnt associated my vastly decreased body hair with being hypo, i was too busy thanking my lucky stars! So if I ever get sorted out its back to hairy armpits and legs again us it !?!!

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Likely so, Mrsm. Hairless pits and legs is probably the one and only upside to hypo. I didn't lose eyebrows, mine are fierce like Dennis Healy's, more than a match for hypo :-D


Oh yes ... that too! I would embrace them if I could plait a few long ones and put a bead at the end.


Yes, head hair would be good.

I washed my hair last night and noticed that the water in the shower tray was getting deeper and deeper (PANIC - you know how hard it is to get a decent plumber!).

*sigh* I'd just shed so much hair that the shower plug hole was completely blocked. Perhaps I should take up hair embroidery like a Victorian lady.


Oooh! How about creating a little booklet about 101 things to do for thyroid sufferers.

Make a gerbil duvet

Repair holes in your lath and plaster using crushed Mg tablets and hairballs.


If you sewed a sampler, what message would it get? (east west, sweet spot's the best?)

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