Does anyone have any experience or know anything about Morgellans? I've been feeling like I'm being bitten by something for weeks -even went to my GP convinced I had scabies. She couldn't see anything a prescribed an anti-fungal and steroid cream. The sensation of being bitten is continuing and I've been doing a bit of Dr Googling to see what it could be ..that was when I came across something about Morgellans where the footnote said that it is sometimes associated with patients with hypothyroidism.

Thanks :-)

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  • Wow! The pictures are frightening!

    I've never heard of Morgellan's before. So, I googled it. Seems quite controversial. Lots of doctors think it's an imaginary disease - well, we've all heard that before! So, maybe there is a connection to thyroid! lol

    Reading the symptoms, it mentioned a sensation like having insects crawling over you. I had that badly a few years before my diagnosis, but I put it down to my cat, sleeping on my face, some sort of miniscule life form transferred from her fur. But when the cat died, the sensation stayed.

    You say you have the feeling you're being bitten. Is that all over you? Or can it pop up just anywhere? I have a feeling I'm being bitten just below my right scapular. Every night! It's intense and painful. But there's nothing to be seen, and the skin is quite smooth - not like some of the poor people in the google photos! But, as I don't like the idea of some monstrous parasite devouring my flesh, I tell myself it's just a nervous phenomena - possible to do with low T3, although I really don't have low T3 anymore. Low B12, perhaps? Yes, that's more like it. Have you had your B12 tested?

    Oh, and the crawling sensation, that's gone, now. But I couldn't tell you when or why...

  • Lol that's a good point - I may as well have 2 imaginary illnesses


    I don't have any bite marks or rash as such, the sensation is on my scalp, hair line, neck, face, and certain parts of my back, then it amy move to my side, stomach, bust - it's really strange.

  • So, have you had your B12 tested? That's the vitamin for the nervous system.

  • Just been looking through your earlier posts for clues.

    How long have you been taking supplements (B12, Vit D etc - what are you taking and how much?)? I'm wondering whether you're sensitive to something in one of them - or whether in taking too much of one you've thrown something else out of whack?

  • A friend of mine had scabies recently. She was scratching until it looked like she had a red rash. Apparently when you get in a hot bath you can see the tiny creatures come to the surface of your skin to try and escape the heat.

    She actually didn't believe it was scabies for several weeks or even months.

  • I was taking (for about a month) B12 and a B complex, vitamin D, Magnesium citrate, and K2, I was also trying iron and vit C as well (this made me feel nauseous) I also had a bit of a defeatist meltdown and stupidly stopped taking them all. I'm not sure where my bloods are up to- I really need to get a private one and see what's going on -otherwise I have no idea what I'm dealing with have I?

    I need to get a firm hold of myself and not lay down accept my lot :-/ x

  • I love homeopathy, and this rang a bell from my studies two decades back. I had this around the time I was dealing with Lupus beginnings. Read here and see if any of these clues and possible reasons help you to figure out how to make it stop. Google - feeling bugs crawling on you homeopathy

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