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Anyone got early signs of inflammation in their thyroid or throat? Read here!

For 3 days I had flu like symptoms and feel inflammation when I swallow it's like a nippy fiery rusty feeling.....I suspect it's thyroiditis any way so decided to make something rather interesting at home! I used some blue cheese and strawberry cough strain and mixed it with miss integretea scottish herbal tea with dandelion and hawthorn leaves tea with no sugar nothing and then had some beans with apina feta cheese mini cubes boiled bacon slightly poached out of date eggs that are still fresh beans and boiled mushrooms and a nice ice cold lactose free semi skimmed milk and skimmed milk milk for breakfast with a speckled banana and the inflammation in my throat stopped after 1 hour! Fantastic and bloody glad of the relief! I also added cardamoms in the kettle and when I poured out the water I would collect up the remaining cardamoms and eat them!

Highly recommend this people!

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Thanks for posting, Flashinthepan. I'd be lying if I said the remedy was appetising but I'm glad it relieved your symptoms and inflammation :)


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