Signs NDT (thyroid s) is working

Signs NDT (thyroid s) is working

I have bee on thyroid s for about a year, all hypo symptoms went apart from excess weight, had test done I had high cortisol, I have spent 6 months getting it under control. And finally I feel calm and not hyper with adrenalin! And since that 4 weeks ago I have lost 2lb( the scales never moved before this in 3 years) another symptom it's working is I have kind of shivery things going on in the mucin in my legs, anyone got any other symptoms to look out for improvements please

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  • Great, good for you! Amazing isn't it, how tightly wound you can be when hypo and how calming it can feel to be on meds.

    Are you dosing by symptoms only or are you testing? My only thought is that you may need to be on a bit more if you're still bloated. For me the right amount of t3 is the only thing that takes that away.

  • I'm dosing by both really I got my bloods done about 3 months ago and t3 was in the top of the range and t4 near the bottom, so I'm adding a little t4 to my thyroid s and it seems to be ok. It's not bloating it's mucin hard fat that you can't pinch the skin. T3 didn't work for me it just made me feel sick and gave me a fever and a cold??

  • Yes, mucin and/or myoedema are what I mean when I say bloating - an accumulation of fluid in the flesh that make it hard and not pinchable. Your tissues are saturated (or bloated) w fluid.

    If you're taking t3 your t4 is likely to be low/low in range, so even though you add levo you may never be able to get it high in the range, you may just raise your t3. Your next test should show whether or not the added levo will work out for you.

    T3 won't give you a cold but I guess if you have issues w fillers or something, or if you're over- or undermedicated you might feel ill.

  • I much prefer when my t4 is near the top of the range, yes will get tested and see where I am. Both times I went on t3 I had a fever, so it must be something, i think I was on the correct dose.

  • Going back to endo on Tuesday should get Blood test results then too, but I have felt colder since lowering it and twinges in my shoulder

  • Super, I just have one question for you "how did you get your cortisol levels checked"? I have asked for mine to be done on numerous occasions when having my bloods done but the GP ignores my requests and I'm anything but calm, quite the reverse I've got General Anxiety Disorder!.

  • I had to pay private from Geneva £200 but at least I knew, all my blood cortisol came back normal every time,

  • When you say Normal do you mean morning top of range.

    Midday 1/4 from top

    Evening 1/2 way In range

    Night very bottom of range?

  • I have put a photo on of my results hope it helps

  • I feel much calmer and actually have fell asleep about 3 pm on a few occasions

  • Looking at your photo you had low morning and the other 3 high.

    How long did you take PS for in order to get your cortisol right?

    Have you done another saliva test?

    Did you get hot flushes when high ?

  • I had high lunch and dinner time morning and evening normal, I took it for 6 months, it got me through the day, I also take vitamin d3. Not had another test as I don't have £200, I was really clammy but no hot flushes

  • I am sorry I cannot see any photo

  • They tested my blood at 10am

  • IT was a saliva test done 4 times during the day

  • You said they tested blood at 10am and you did a saliva test 4 times a day.

    Did you blood result correspond with your saliva result?

    Also did you get hot flushes due to high cortisol ?

  • No blood didn't match because at that time of day my cortisol was normal

  • Not heard of this, I can't take t3 at all makes me illl, but I can take natural thyroid , but how can I tell if ts getting into my cells?

  • Oh thanks will check it out

  • it takes time for NDT to heal the damage in the cells done by hypothyroid

    My husband tells anyone that its at least a year on NDT before you feel well and more likely 2 years before you have the stamina or energy for exercise etc

  • Ok, I have been climbing mountains and talking, but the mucin in my legs really hurts, will this go in time and feel better?

  • It should do

  • Hi Joanneconnor

    Could you tell me how you got your high cortisol under control. Did you use supplements or got a drs help.

    Many thanks.

  • Doctors didn't help me at all, they didn't have a clue what to do. I bought phosphatidyl Serine( they're not cheep) but they work. I have berry smoothies, dark chocolate over 70% . I do a lot of walking, joined an art class, got lots of sleep and generally slowed down and tried to chill. It's worked anyway, and obviously changed to thyroid s to heal the body stressors, hope this helps

  • What highs did you have and how long did you have to take PS?

    Did you get hot flushes with your high cortisol?


  • I was constantly up beat, hyperactive and aggitated very emotional ups and downs too, still take an odd one now, no no hot flushes

  • Hi I started Thryroid S in June and got as far as 3 per day, which keep giving me hot flushes and also keep me going to the Loo. I reduced and am now on 2 per day, and I feel much better also I have lost weight, my temp is normal and I can walk and exercise now.

    I never took any meds before my TT last October, so I don't know much about blood tests.

    I do know that I had never felt so bad as I did on Levo, so I changed to Thyroid S the endo's and doctors here in France are the same, US. I hope that you get your dose corrected. Good Luck

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