Does anyone else have a aching throat and neck with acid reflux with under active thyroid?

I have been taking thyroxine for about a year started on 50mg now I'm on 100mg and to be honest don't feel that much different. I'm always borderline with low iron and b12 and done a self testing vitamin d which said i had insufficiency.

I'm sick of going to the doctors feel like I get no where but this throat and neck thing is really getting me down. I feel like I'm coming down with something all the time.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

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hi, i get the painful neck as well , its like my glands are up ,also i get acid reflux but i thought it was all part of the under active symptoms, hope someone gives you better information and help just wanted you to know your not alone

Thank you :)

I no longer get acid reflux since I have given up foods containing gluten. It might be worth your trialling this for 10 days, just to see if it makes any difference.

Thank you :)

Hi For the vit D you need a corrected calcium tst, if in range, try and get treatment on a script. Retest both in 3 months. B12, if really low in range, GP should treat, needs to be high in range. iron/ferritin needs to be well in range. You may need an Endo to get these properly treated.

Also you need a Diabetes test, autoimmune and hormonal.

. Thyroid , it is quite possible you are under treated. First when start treatment , should be retests , every six weeks and adjustments in meds until Ok, often 1 year. Vital to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 tested for correct treatment. If GP unwilling on line.

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Hi Jackie,

Thanks for your reply if I ask for them to test what you have said will they do it? Or can I ask to see specialist at hospital? She said last time some of my bloods were normal but on the low side but still didn't give me any extra. I am sick of feeling like crap and may as well talk to myself when I go to the doctors. :)

GP should do them all OK but if difficult it may be with the Free T3. I have to pay for that so have all 3 done with Blue Horizon, well known and very good.Important if you want treatment on the results. Main site finger prick or venous blood. Discount TUK 10. Do not go through a private hospital for the venous blood. Usually when having a blood test NHS or privately , they will fill the syringe for you. Finger prick , slightly dearer, all DIY..

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Ive had reflux for years and always suffered with sore throats. If I talk too much continuously I get a real sore throat. I do not link that with my under active thyroid though or I have never thought about linking the 2!

Hi yes when I am always telling the kids off or have talked to much I am the same it feels really strained and my voice changes I cant think of anything else other than its to do with my thyroid :)

I have hashimotos hypothyroid and also Sjögren's syndrome. Primary sjogrens is very common in people with hypothyroid, it causes dry mouth, eyes, throat. I also suffer from reflux due to dry throat. The sooner it is diagnosed the better. It might be why you get the sore throat etc.

ooo how do you get a test for Sjögren's?

I went to the GP who told me dry eyes and mouth were a sign of old age at 43?. So after researching it myself found Primary Sjogrens' Syndrome and went back. The GP said he would do the blood test for antibodies but he wasn't very convinced. When I went for results he seemed delighted and said ' Guess what? you were right' he seemed very surprised. I am not sure he had even heard of it. It's an autoimmune disease that is very common with hypothyroid but can take 10 years for symptoms to be recognised by which time a lot of saliva and tear gland function can be lost. Symptoms are vague when taken individually, couldn't wear contact lenses, suddenly unable to use tampons, no tears, reflux (twice at A & E with chest pain), piles all due to glands being inflamed.

Hiya less

I get sore throats all the time and I also feel as if I'm constantly not well, had a chest infection jam and can't get rid of coughing up sputum off my chest. I have spondolosis of the neck which is arthritis. Suffered a lot from acid reflux and had a scope they found I had hiatus hernia as the cause so am on omeprazole tabs which ease it. Don't think I ever felt well with hypothyroidism and don't think people understand how bad it is for sufferers. I only get given throat spray for my sore throats but it feels like a flu too.

Just to let you no your not in your own.

Best wishes


Thanks for the reply Nat the aching throat is really getting me down and I have had enough I just feel like I am going to get tonsillitis all the time but it just aches and my neck hurts. The acid just adds to it all I wondered about the hiatus hernia but will make an appointment and see what they say. Thank you :)

Acid reflux is common with hypos as our bodies are under producing almost everything including stomach acid. Betaine with HCL is very good as it gives you more acid and stops the reflux. At the moment I am taking Enzyme Digest with peppermint oil made by Quest and I have no reflux. Worth a try as you can eat anything. The betaine is recommended by Dr M.

Jo xx

Thank you Joanna I will take a look :)

I`m on 50mg of thyroxine, but I`m still getting pains in every joint & tendon, & acid indigestion, I`m also quite tired a lot of the time. I`m scared to mention this to my gp, because I know he`ll probably say it`s just my age, & nothing can be done. I really don`t need to hear that.

Hi hairyfairy, I recommend taking Magnesium Citrate for the aches and pains you are having as a result of the thyroxine. I buy mine from Holland & Barratt's and take one 250mg capsule per day. They also do magnesium flakes for the bath too.

Hi hairyfairy

This is a link re a low dose of thyroid hormones and cursor to the date April 22, 2007. There is also another question dated November 20, 2002.

If you haven't had a recent thyroid gland blood test ask for another or get a print-out of a previous one complete with ranges, post on a new question and members will comment. I had pains/aches too.

Thank you I will do :)

I think they just try and think of anything to say other than this could be your thyroid,I am at the point where I don't even want to go to the doctors as I am sick of saying the same thing and not been heard.Can you ask to see a specialist at the hospital? Thanks :)

You can ask to be referred to an Endocrinologist but I would recommend that, first, you email who ha a list of NHS Endos/private doctors and one may be near you.

This is for your information:-

Hi, I've been taking Omeprazole tablets for my acid reflux for a few years. I started out taking one a day for about a year, but since then I've found there are times I can go a couple of weeks or more without them. I also take 100 mcg levothyroxine and Orlistat for weight loss which is coming along nicely and helping to make me eat a healthier diet.

Hi and thank you for your reply I am going to get my blood tested again next week and will mention again about the acid could defo do with something for weight loss I can exercise and eat well and my weight stays the same. :)

I have the same problem and I noticed that it gets worse when my neck is cold. Try putting some petroleum jelly on your neck before you sleep and see if there is any difference when you wake up in the morning. This helped me a lot.

Hi there I also have started getting this strange ache in my throat some days worse than others. I have been hypo for 10 years & take 100mcg Levi mon to fri 125mcg on a weekend. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago which was clear but I still have this achy uncomfortable feeling in thyroid/ front of throat & it's really getting me down too. Having thyroid bloods done again in a couple of weeks last tsh was 2.9 & that's when was increased on a weekend as feel better when reading is about 1. Not sure of t3 t4 readings. Haven't had anti bodies checked but blood readings been up & down not drastic variations over last few months.

Any advice on what I could do to help get rid of discomfort in throat ? I am 53 so definitely menopausal although still have periods.

Sympathise with you as I do not feel I'll just fed up with ache in throat so your def not the only one out there with this kind of sympton :))

I urge you to consider posting a brand new post - buried on a three-year-old thread your response might very well get missed by the very people most able to help.

Thankyou I will :))

Forgot to add to last post I am also belching a lot. This week have avoided gluten no bread pasta etc to see if this helps things although only been doing so for 4 days willing to try anything :))

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