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Latest Bloods (Aug 2015)

Prior to clinic today:

TSH -.011

fT4 16.6 (10-19.8)

fT3 4.7 (3.5-5.5)

150 mcg T4, 5 mcg Mercury T3.

June 2015:

TSH 0.03

fT4 19.3

fT3 4.5

150 mcg T4, 6.25 mcg Tiromel T3

Before starting T3 therapy March 2015:

TSH 0.07

fT4 18.9

fT3 3.8

150 mcg T4

I still have constipation, weight gain of 7 lbs that I can't shift, cold intolerance at 20+C and hair loss. Ferritin is optimal.

Questions: Why has my fT4 fallen? And is there any room for improvement or should I just leave well alone?

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Hose, FT4 drops when you take L-T3 as direct T3 means high T4 storage isn't necessary and L-T3 often stimulates better T4 to T3 conversion.

You might try increasing L-T3 to 10mcg. FT3 4.7 is quite a way off top of range.


Thanks, Clutter. Would I be best to split the 10 mcg dose or take it all in one in the morning? I guess it's a bit trial and error...


Hose, try it in one dose, it's much simpler. If it doesn't suit split into 2 doses 6-8 hours apart.

How went it with the endo?


Good, thanks. Different doctor this time. Still spouted the party line but did actually listen and was not averse to the idea of me taking more T3 on exercise days. Given that I exercise almost every day (a fact which I didn't point out to her)... I did also mention upping the T3 to 10 mcg every day and there was no comment. Been discharged back to my GP with repeat prescription for T3 and advised to ask for new referral should I have any issues. About as good as it gets, really!

She also made a comment about the idiocy of only testing TSH as a measure of thyroid function. Hope for us all yet!


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