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Hello all, After a delay due to the hospital not doing the tests on my blood (really!!), I have seen my endo this evening. He says that they couldn't test Free t4, Tsh or LFT due to the amount of fat in my blood? He thinks I have type 2 diabetes and is concerned about the lack or iron and iron reserves. Firstly he is checking for diabetes with a test on Monday (14hour fast followed by sugary drink) and is going to check re: the iron afterwards ( doesn't want to put me through too much at once). So, I am getting somewhere.

Can anyone help with the following results (sorry, I don't have reference points as he has only given me a copy of the letter to my GP):

Cortisol- 561

FSH - 78 (post menopause)

Creatinine - 74

eGFR - 76ml/min

Calcium - 2.48

Thanks guys!!

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Tettiger, I'm sorry you've had no replies. I hope your new tests rule out diabetes.

Check out to see what the tests are for.

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