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Test results

Hi everyone. First time poster here. I am a 58 year old female and have had an UAT since 1987. I have taken 200mcg Levo for awhile now. I have never especially analysed my test results before but just had a blood test and wondered if someone wiser than me could just have a look and give me your opinion. I have a few issues with my health, mainly tiredness, aches and pains in joints and numbness and tingling associated with migraine.

TSH 0.05 (0.4-5.0)

FT4 18 (9-19)

T3 not tested

B12 312 (189-883)

Folate 4.7 (4.8-19.0)

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate anyone's views.

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I'm no expert but can say see your B12 is low, mine was too. I've only just found out that B12 deficiency causes lots of those symptoms.

Taking B12 spray and B complex vitamins have made a massive difference, not tired & struggling to stay awake in the afternoon & no more pins & needles.


Thanks Pinklady. I think I'll look into getting some B12 supplements ans see if that helps.


I would say both folate and B12 low. On the face of it your thyroid results look good but without a FT3 reading they are not all that helpful. If your FT3 reading is low you could well have a conversion issue. We need our vitamins and minerals to be optimum to help with the conversion of T4 which is inactive to the T3 which is active and every cell in our body needs to function well.

If you still have symptoms this could well be the problem. Insisting that the lab does this test could well get no response and even if you can persuade your GP to ask for it then that is no guarentee that the lab will do it. You can have it done privately through Blue Horizon who have a finger prick test. If your FT3 result suggests you are not converting well then supplementing can make a difference. It did make my conversion higher but not quite enough so just in the process of getting the right dose of NDT but not told my doctor so a big step to take!


Thanks Silverfox. I doubt my GP will be interested at all in any discussion about T3 but I can try. The test results noted that the folate and TSH were abnormal but I was just told that everything was fine!


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