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Chest Cold(s)!!


Almost 5 weeks ago I picked up a chest cold (I don't usually get colds) and now, almost 5 weeks later, I still have it with lots of coughing and also what appears to be an infection in my left ear my whole left side is sore (I'm almost deaf in this ear). I'm somewhat concerned, is this part and parcel of having a overactive thyroid? I thought I had gotten rid of it and then, last Saturday, it came back with a vengeance. I'm 'sick of being sick' coupled with this I feel the cold more than ever before (its winter at present). Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have no idea if there is a connection between a prolonged cold and thyroid problems, sorry.

If you have gunge in your chest that won't clear or that you can't cough up there is an over-the-counter supplement you can take which helps to clear the lungs - it thins mucous and makes it easier to cough up. It might help the gunge in your ears too. Do some research into it and read the reviews at these links :

I take one a day for 4 days then stop for 3 days, then repeat the cycle for as long as necessary. It isn't something I take all the time I only take it when necessary. It doesn't work terribly quickly. But it is reliable.


Have you tried using inhalants, taking extra VitC, eating as much fresh fruit and salads, especially raw cabbage? All these things will help the body fight off the infections. I'm not sure if it's thyroid linked but I had terrible bouts of infection that wouldn't clear up and my GP found that my B12 was very low. It might be worthwhile getting this checked out. Hope you feel better soon. MariLiz

ps An ear infection shouldn't be ignored, get the doctor to check your ear.

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I used to have chest infections all the time but when I changed my diet and removed wheat all the inflammation disappeared and I no longer have colds, I don't wheeze, I'm not short of breath, and I run around like a two-year-old!

Changing my diet helped enormously with the gut problems which seem to be association with hypothyroidism/levothyroxine. Once the allergic reactions reduced my ears started to heal too.

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