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Hypothyroidism - freezing cold

Can somebody Tell me if this has or is happening to you? I have been freezing cold for days now. It's not thru lack of heating in my house as I have under floor heating throughout it.. But my hands feet and top half r freezing cold . I'm taking 125mcg a day. My doc upped me from 100 to 125 as my TSH Is at 7 and there ranges r between (0.3-6) .. 

Why am I so cold then? Or can't it be to do with my thyroid?.. I will admit I'm not very active. I am under stress and having stomach issues as well...

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It does sound like your thyroid levels maybe low to me - I experience extreme cold and tummy issues too when I need my medication to be upped again.

One of the main symptoms is suffering from the cold as well as these:

Severe fatigue, loss of energy.

Weight gain, difficulty losing weight.

Depression and depressed mood.

Joint and muscle pain, headaches.

Dry skin, brittle nails.

Brittle hair, itchy scalp, hair loss.

Irregular periods, PMS symptoms.

Hope that helps ;)


Likewise I've been freezing all week.  Just been reading STTM and it mentions monitoring basal body temp in relation to problems with adrenals.

Decide for yourself if it's helpful, as I'm new to all this, and on a steep learning curve.


I have been hypo for over 40 years and for virtually all of that time I have felt cold. Even when, years ago, I seemed to be reasonably well on thyroxine, I would be the person who had a jumper on when everyone else was in sleeveless tops. I would visit people's houses and keep my coat on.

I am the person who can't sleep in a bed that has cotton or polycotton sheets because they are cold, I have to have flannelette sheets but I also have to have an electric under blanket that is designed to stay on all night, and I use it all year round.

Last night I went to bed, got under my cosy flannelette sheets and duvet, my electric blanket was on, and still my feet and legs were like ice.

Last time I had a blood test my TSH was suppressed (always is) and my FT4 at the very top of the range. However, urine thyroid test tells a different story, ie FT4 only half way in range.

So yes, it could very well be your thyroid. With your latest TSH result you're not optimally medicated, your TSH needs to be about 1 or even under. Hopefully the increase in your levo will help.



Coldness is a classic symptom of low thyroid hormone which drives our metabolism.

A TSH of 7 is too high and you may warm up and have more energy as thyroid hormones rise with your meds increase.

Gut issues may inhibit absorption of vital nutrients and iron known to help good thyroid function.


I have a hot water bottle for my feet all year round 😱 

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I'd been cold for 39 years, & have just had my first bearable winter since I started self-medicating with NDT!


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