Not feeling cold when hypothyroid?

Did anyone else here not feel cold hypothyroid? I did in the winter I felt cold more than most around me but now my tsh is even higher at 9.28 I'd say I feel heat too much and react badly too it since its been warmer. I rarely feel cold. Which is strange because growing up I always felt cold. Even in the summer I wore a coat.

I'm not constipated either but I do have horrible upset tummy most days.

Is this normal? As I know feeling cold is the main symptom. I have many of the other symptoms. Terrible chronic fatigue, body weakness, massive energy crashes 5 days out of 7, dry skin, hair loss on eyebrows and legs, dry mouth, balance issues.....

I'm on levo since 2 weeks ago.

Thank you all for yesterday. I forgot to ask this question so I hope it's ok I've posted again so soon. Your support means so much to me right now.

Thank you


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It affects different people in different ways Julie. I never put on weight, never felt cold, no dry skin or puffy face. My main symptoms were fatigue, aching limbs, long recovery after any exertion, bloating and basically feeling like everything was a massive effort. x

I am like NatChap, but I ,like you can't tolerate heat very well. I can feel very cold too but hey it can be -35 over here during the winter!

We are all individuals and you could possibly feel very cold in the future when your thyroid gland is not able to produce T4 regardless how hard your body tries to spank it. That would have eventually happened and your T4 would have dropped which could cause you more of those classic symptoms on top of symptoms you have now.

I'm hypo and have always felt worse with heat intolerence than feeling cold. I don't like the summer when it gets really hot and humid

I've been intolerant to heat all my life before hypothyroid struck. I've been on the levo around 2 weeks as well. Have noticed my body reacts differently to cold for around a month and a half, as in, I feel the cold more. The advice I can give you when it comes to keeping as cool as you can is use a fan (yes they are old fashioned, but they work short term) and spray your bare skin with cold water (this looks strange in public too but who cares what everyone else thinks). If travelling far in a car and it is hot, slightly damp your clothes first. Have been doing these things for years. Stay inside during the hottest part of the day if possible.

I never felt cold either. I have always tended to sweat easily, and I never seem to need as much clothes on as others do when it's cold outside. I had all the other classical hypo signs such as weight gain, fluid retention, puffy face and bags under my eyes, brittle nails and extreme fatigue, but I never felt cold. So I know it's possible to be hypothyroid and not feel cold.

Well I always felt the cold until 'the change' hit me at exactly the same time as my diagnosis, and for the years since I have been heat sensitive (yet I have always sweated way too much). In the last few weeks I feel either boiling hot with extreme sweating or freezing cold and need to wear two top layers and have a blanket covering me from neck to toes. Somethings going on but I am blowed if I have a clue what it is!

Jingy, there are over 300 known symptoms - a symptom is defined by something that gets better when medicated - and you don't have to have them all to qualify. :)

Thank you all. Very reassuring.

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