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Which doctors use compounding pharmacies in UK?

Dear all - sorry to bother you again. I have coeliac disease (so am intolerant to gluten) and am also dairy and corn intolerant but need to source either NDT or separate T4 and T3 here in the UK. Hence I think I am going to have to use a compounding pharmacy to put together something without gluten, dairy or corn.

Does anyone have any suggestions for doctors here in the UK who have access to (and use) compounding pharmacies by any chance please? I would be most grateful. Otherwise it's a case of spending a fortune on lots of first appointments only to find the doctor doesn't use / have access to a compounding pharmacy.

Thanks so much for any thoughts on this. Best wishes, Carolyn

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Carolyn, UK medicines are gluten-free. There are lactose-free T4 and T3 available for prescription in the UK via the link below. You'll have to check the ingredients to see whether corn is an ingredient.

Your GP can write a prescription for compounded Levothyroxine. The cost might be prohibitive though. Your pharmacist will need an account with Martindales. See details in

Ring Martindales to ask whether they'll also compound T3.


There are none of those things in Armour.


If you really want to find a doctor who uses a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacy staff might be be to tell you. My private doc (not for thyroid) uses Specialist Pharmacy on London (on the web).


Thank you all very much - greatly appreciated!

I am a coeliac and have spent a lot of time investigating things like gluten in medication and actually it is a bit of a myth that all UK medicines are routinely gluten free. Unsuspected culprits can include the black ink used to write on capsules which can contain gluten. Also "starch" and "sodium starch glycolate" or even "dextrose" are very often wheat derived and whilst i know this isn't "gluten" per se, it still causes an issue for a lot of coeliacs.

Corn is a right pain and crops up in almost anything!

Thank you so much for the names of the two compounding pharmacies - I shall investigate with them.

Best wishes and thanks again, Carolyn


Hi Carolyn, how did you get on with this? I am coeliac and am gluten free and I have been taking compounded medications that I got when living in the USA. I have just moved back to the UK and have been wondering about getting compounded medications. I didn't realise that a doctor has to have connections to a compounding pharmacy for me to get prescriptions filled there! Did you find a doctor, a pharmacy and a medication that works for you? I would love to hear how it's all going for you and hear any tips or advice you might have! Thanks in advance!


Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your message. I am actually still following up with the Specialist Pharmacy in London about the different ingredients in their capsules and creams. I have yet to find what I think of as a compounding pharmacy here in the UK though - they all just seem to use standard capsules and preparations rather than being prepared to do anything different for an individual case.

I would love to hear if you manage to find one though - please do post back!!

Best wishes, Carolyn


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