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Joint Pain and Muscle Aches

Hi All (esp. Marz), I was whinging earlier about feeling like I'd been hit by a truck since early this year, and struggling to walk, sit, stand, etc and I'm looking for help and ideas since my results they say 'normal'.

In Jan my TSH was 1.4 (0.55-4.78) - in July it was 0.9

serum T4 16 (9.00-23.00) in July it was 19

T3 (no test in Jan) but in July 4.9 (3.50-6.50)

my bilirubin was up in Jan but thats normal for me, I've had Gilberts for years (no results for July)

I pick up another set of results on Wednesday, I specifically asked for B12, etc. Any ideas? I guess the results on Wednesday may help.

Thank you for reading and TIA for any suggestions.

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I think you could do with an increase in your thyroid hormones. Ask your GP if he would give you a trial of T3 as when I had some added to levo it did ease my aches/pains and palpitations.

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I've been researching B12 and from what I've worked out so far optimal level should be 1000! My daughter was refused treatment at 220 with neurological symptoms as range low was 190, but in Japan lowest is 500 or 550 as I understand changes can be seen in spinal fluid under 500. Hope tests come back with good levels!

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Did you also have VitD tested ?

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Hi everyone, thank you for your responses.

I will ask about a T3 trial, that could bring mixed responses I hear but I'll try anything right now!

I look forward to seeing what the B12 levels are and although I did ask for D3 I didn't see the tick box on the blood file bag, so I don't know if they will have been done, so another question for Wednesday.

Thank you all for your thoughts, I really am very grateful :-)


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