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Help with recent test results please

Help with recent test results please

Hi All,

I posted for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I had bloods done at my local surgery two weeks ago, and despite my Gp requesting all Thyroid tests, the local lab in my area Truro, refused to do them. I also requested print outs of all my thyroid results from my surgery only to find over an over they have only ever done the TSH, print outs go back to 1999. However I did find out from these printouts that I have a solitary nodule in the left lobe of the thyroid, probably a colloid nodule were ther words used in the print out. This was in the report dated Feb 2008, I had a biopsy for another lump for an enlarged lymph node at that time, which some weeks later was removed. However no one ever informed of this thyroid nodule nor have they investigated it further! So should I be worried about this?

So I have had my bloods done privately via Blue Horizon and the results came back today. I had them taken early in the morning before breakfast. I do not take any thyroid medication at all, but suffer so so many symptoms of under active thyroid for about 30years now. I have got my endo referral that I asked for coming up soon. So any advice on my bloods would be very welcome please. If you think I'm not hypo, then it's back to the drawing board for me, and I will cancel the endo referral apt.

Thank you for any help advise you may have.

I have tried to copy and paste the results so I hope you can view them ok.

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TyC1, Antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH is low-normal but FT4 is low and FT3 is less than half way through range. TSH would normally be higher with low FT4. It's possible you have isolated TSH deficiency causing secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary dysfunction) and it's worth keeping your endo appointment to discuss this and to have your nodule checked.

Colloid nodules, also known as adenomatous nodules or colloid nodular goiter are benign, noncancerous overgrowths of thyroid tissue. Although they may grow large, and there may be more than one, they are not malignant and they will not spread beyond the thyroid gland.

Colloid nodule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ferritin is a little low which may contribute to fatigue, lethargy and lack of energy. Halfway through range is optimal. Supplement iron with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C with each tablet to aid absorption and minimise constipation.

B12 is low. Neuropathy can be experienced <500 and PA Soc recommend 1,000 as optimal. Supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches and take a B Complex vitamin to keep the other B vits balanced. Supplementing B12 may improve energy. Folate is very good.

If you experience musculoskeletal pain ask your GP to test vitamin D or order a private vitD test from City Assays via

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Thank you very much Clutter for your reply and knowledge. I will keep the endo apt, but won't get my hopes up, had terrible experience there over 15 years ago, so not hopeful, just desperate lol.

I am relieved that if I do have a colloid nodule it's nothing to panic over, thank you.

I do supplement with a high timed release B complex vitamin, a multi vitamin, and for last 3 months a vitamin D tablet. I purchase gluten free vitamins from Holland & Barrett. I have followed a GF diet now for almost three years. Although this has helped some symptoms it was not the miracle cure I hoped it would be. I have found my symptoms to be a lot worse without the complex B. I assumed The B12 was in that also.

I am really struggling at the moment with horrible symptoms and dread washing and brushing my hair, the loss is shocking. I have photo's for evidence to take to apt. My weight gain is even more shocking. It's that, that gets me down the most. I do take 10mg of citolpram daily. The only reason I take them is to keep my moods on an even keel, I don't really have anything in my home or work life to be depressed about, just these awful symptoms. The medical profession is quite happy to keep dishing that out!

I already requested a copy of theTUK symptom list be attached with the referral request along with a 4 page outline of my health issues starting at at 20, I am now 50. So a good 30 years of suffering. As you all know you just want someone to say what's wrong. So hopefully they may take on board your suggestion of a possibility of secondary hypo. If not I don't know what else to do.

So thank you again for your time and knowledge.

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Tyc1, there isn't enough B12 in a B Complex. Try the 1,000mcg it may help but it won't hurt as you can't overdose on B12.

Try supplementing iron as many say ferritin needs to be at least half way through range to be optimal and many say they experience hair loss when ferritin is <70-90.

If the endo doesn't help you, you might consider self medicating. Members will recommend where to source thyroid meds and how much to take. You'll know within 3 months whether it is helping and can stop if it isn't.


Thank you again


Hi TYC1, I can't help with results as am new to testing and knowledge BUT I live on north Cornish coast and Truro is my local lab, plus I had appointment with female Endo consultant's registrar last week! I got what I wanted out of the appointment but probably because I was standing firm, despite going in and finding that doctor already had formed his medical opinion before talking to me.

I am diagnosed hypothyroid and have symptoms coming out of my ears but until last week only ever got T4 & TSH results from gp - although twice T3 was requested but lab refused to run the test. Your situation is totally different to mine but what I would say is be aware that because of the partial devolution, Cornwall is now in charge of own monetary matters for NHS Kernow.

I honestly don't know if it's a positive or negative thing but it may well be a factor in them making treatment decisions. Point to note, if you ask for a second opinion, without naming a specific Endo, it could possibly be another endo at Truro but may well be at Plymouth - who's funding pot isn't same as ours (I am bearing this in mind for myself).

Personally I would go to Endo appointment and raise your concerns and get as many answers as you can re nodule and previous treatment, if only for your own piece of mind.

I wish you all the best!


Thank you Lou218, for your reply.

I know what you are saying, and I had a terrible experience with the lead endo there about how 15 years ago. He basically told me I ate to much and there was nothing wrong with me, and that I was attention seeking! He referred me to the dietician. The dietician told me I was eating correct foods, but probably not enough! I had kept a food journal for several months along with exercise taken. I was doing the gym three times a week, and aerobics class twice a week back then, so she said it was nothing to do with my diet. I can't keep that exercise level up now, just suffer to much pain, and home commitments limit my free time. I also tire very quickly when I eat a meal, and I have had so many people say to me I can't believe how little you eat. Twice I was told this by slimming clubs I joined, I am no foodie, it just doesn't interest me. It's just a shame the weight gain I have had over the years doesn't reflect this.

I have requested not to see the lead endo in my referral request this time so will wait and see what kind of reception I get. I'm not hopeful though.

I wish you good luck also. Take care


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