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Help with recent iron results

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When I last saw my endo (4/10/17) I told him that over the previous few days I had been changing colour. I am usually very pale and I have developed an all over sun tan. I had other symptoms as well, joint pain, fatigue weight loss and stomach pain but as my TSH T4 and T3 were now all in range the remaining symptoms were not Graves related. On further pushing he did say that hyperpigmentation could be Graves but was totally uninterested. Over the next few days the tan got deeper and I developed a pain under my ribs and to the right. so I rang my GP who told me to come in for some tests. The test were done on the 12/10/17 . The Doctor never rang me about the results which she usually does if anything is wrong. I asked the surgery for a print out . I got this today and am concerned about the Iron results.

Ferritin 847 ug/L (13-150) "OOR" (HI)

IRON 41,3 umol/L (10 -30) "OOR" (HI)

Transferrin 1.9 g/L (2-3.6) "OOR" (LO)

Saturation 86.9% (30-40) "OOR" (HI)

I am really concerned that I have iron overload and that these results should not have been ignored. Are these results normal for Graves patients or should I go back to the GP?

Thank you


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I'm sorry I can't help as I'm not good with iron results, but I just have to say that I am appalled that your surgery didn't contact you about these results. Personally I would make an emergency on the day appointment tomorrow, ask why you weren't contacted, and find out what it all means.

An all over tan sounds a lot more like jaundice than iron overload. Personally, I'd make an urgent appointment with my GP to ask for liver function tests. I'm frankly astonished that your Endo didn't take your concerns seriously.

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humanbean is the iron guru

Might be able to help.

Definitely see GP ASAP

Another person saying that you need to see your GP very quickly. There are several things this could be - ranging from wretched to something straightforward that has a clear remedy but you need to see your GP.

ETA: I've no idea if your results are post supplementation or if you've never supplemented. If it's without supplementation, is it worth your while to read up about familial haemochromatosis (tho' it would be very unusual for the colouring to come on that quickly rather than a more subtle onset):

Compare the symptoms you mention, "other symptoms as well, joint pain, fatigue weight loss and stomach pain":

It could be something completely different but please see your GP ASAP.

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Mcj68 in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Thank you. Got to speak to GP last night based on my results she wants me to have a genetic test for HH. Having this done tomorrow morning. My results were after supplementation of folic acid and Vitamin C as I have a folate deficiency I have been told to stop the Vitamin C as this could be making my ferritin and iron levels worse. If not HH my GP has no idea why I am experiencing iron overload. She also suggested giving blood but as I have had glandual fever they won't take it. I suppose I will have to wait and see whether I have HH as well as Graves. Will post the results of genetic test. Hope they get to the bottom of this soon as I currently feel terrible and have done now for 4 years.

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