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Hi all,

I was hoping for some advice on an ongoing situation.

For some time now (over 3years), I have been experiencing the following:

- difficulty losing weight, regardless of eating habits and exercise

- cold extremities

- either too hot or too cold

- thinning hair (although may be MPB)

- constant fatigue

- serious constipation (up to 5 days between bowel movements)

- bloating and flatulence after virtually any type of food

- globus

- uncomfortable Adam's Apple area

- poor concentration and memory

- slow movements

I also suffer with Asthma and a dopamine deficiency.

I recently asked for a thyroid test and got back:

TSH 3.56

T4 15.6

T3 4.5

Lab has marked all as within normal range. GP won't even consider thyroid as a possible cause.

My mother suffers with mild hypothyroidism. I had thyroid issues in my teens - I believe it was slightly under active then. I don't recall being symptomatic though.

What are your thoughts? Is it worth pursuing this further as a possible thyroid issue or leave alone?

Many thanks.

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Welcome to the forum, Hackjo.

Symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years and your TSH must be close to the top of range which means your thyroid is failing. Unfortunately your GP is following protocols which don't allow for a hypothyroid diagnosis until TSH is over range.

Have your next thyroid blood draw early in the morning before you eat or drink any thing except water as TSH is highest then and you may tip over range.


Hello Hackjo,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell.

All your symptoms could well be attributed to an under active thyroid.

Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is the test guide doctors use in order to diagnose a thyroid condition. Instead of considering patients symptoms, they blindly follow rigid guidelines set down regarding blood test ranges.

Your TSH follows a circadian rhythm and so is at its highest first thing in the morning. Follow Clutters advice in order to get the highest reading and give your doctor more cause for considering thyroid hormone replacement medication.

I hope you feel better soon,



Hi Hackjo, There are so many things involved which can impact the thyroid. This man looks at it very holistically which I feel is really important because your thyroid gland just doesn't go BAD. It is reacting to influences which can be anything from cortisol to estrogen dominance. You probably do not have a dopamine deficiency, it's the activity that is low and can also be due to lowered metabolism.

These will help if you have time to watch.


What's the best line of attack with the GP? I pointed out the folly of reference ranges and suggested a holistic view should be taken but he wouldn't have it.

Could I get tested privately?

Thanks for the advice!


i heard a place called Blue Horizons can do it in the UK..i think it is a do it at home test kit, not sure tho.


If you have Hashimotos Disease, you can have normal labs and lots of symptoms. Your TSH is on the high side. I think antibodies should be tested.


For info on private testing, see this link :

In addition to the listed Blue Horizon sites, there is this one too, which is also for home finger prick testing :


Thanks for this. Might do this testing before start taking my T3 to know actually what my T3 and Reverse T3 is.


Sounds classic hypothyroid - under active thyroid. GP is simply not aware of problem. But as play it up as possible fatal and that will generate a blood test for hypothyroidism.


Hey Hackjo, you sound very similar to me, I had a lovely GP who was helpful, but unfortunately left the practice and now I am really struggling to know how to get diagnosed. My old GP put me forward for an ultrasound scan as she thought I had a Goitre but now it has turned out normal my other GP won't prescribe anything or refer me to the Endo. It is so frustrating! I hope we both find someone within the medical profession to help us!


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