Sores in mouth anyone?

I have a sore near my gum which keeps bursting and then coming back. This happens about twice a week. The dr. has given me anti.bios and a mouth wash but neither work. It isn't what I would call an ulcer and it doesn't hurt - it's more like a blister or a 'spot'. Sorry to be so graphic but I have had it for weeks. I am under a lot of stress at the moment and dr. thought this might have something to do with it. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • I often find that when I'm run down or stressed it'll give me a mouth problem. My gums swell up, then ulcerate (usually on the roof of my mouth rather than at the side next to my inner cheek), although I'm not sure this is the same as you're getting as it is usually fairly sore and when it clears up, it clears up OK. I'll often get sore spots on my tongue as well. Not sure what mouthwash you were given but Corsodyl or Peroxyl may help. Or try Iglu ulcer treatment – not to numb the pain but to hopefully "dress" and protect it against any infection? (Hope it's OK to name these products as they're all over-the-counter treatments.) Sometimes I find it's just a case of maintaining general hygiene and it'll clear up by itself given time, but worth seeing your doc or a dentist again if you're still worried?

  • It is fine to mention them.

  • I suggest low B12. Or iron. Or, of course, both. And possibly incorrect thyroid hormone dose.

    So does the NHS:

    I know you said not a conventional ulcer - but seems well worth trying some B12 and getting a full blood count from GP.


  • Thanks for your replies I have made another app. with dr. next week but will try oneo of the products mentioned in between. Thyro. levels, B12 and iron checked last week and all OK. I think it has a lot to do with all the stress I am experiencing at the moment.

  • I think mouth sores can be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, but it's probably not B12, especially if your levels have been checked and are good.

    It could be vitamins B2 or B3 as both are associated with mouth sores. (Low B12 and iron are said to give a bright red swollen tongue I think rather than sores).

    You could try a good quality B complex vitamin, cover all your bases on the B vitamin front!

    (I get mouth sores and geographic tongue and a B vitamin complex seemed to help).

  • I get the same, its always in the same place, on a tooth that has previously had root canal, i had dental xrays and there is a very small infection right at the end of the root, Dental surgeon says its that that is causing it ( in my case) I was supposed to go and get it sorted net week, but I cancelled the appointment this morning.... cant do it :P

  • My mouth ulcers were not a problem when I took a B complex-so I think this might help you. B12 didn't work for me-just gave me a headache-also I got the cheaper type which isn't as effective apparently. Main thing is to be tested before buying supps as I spent money unnecessarily.Good luck with that-ps got mine from Tesco.-Bcomplex that is.

  • jaxnbreeze, your symptoms sound like an abscess in a tooth with no remaining root, so there is infection but no pain. Have you been to a dentist?

    Like fedupsie, I too had an old root canal that was found to still be infected. It showed up as a small shadow on an xray which was done routinely before I had a brace. I had no symptoms and no external signs of an abscess. When I had the root canal redone, they told me to look out for exactly the symptoms you describe - a 'spot' on the gum which can swell and burst. Definitely worth getting checked out as the infection can go into the bone and cause bone loss.

  • Thanks - I will check this out.

  • Thanks for all your replies. I have been diagnosed with a mouth cyst which may have to be cauterized. I am on tablets for 5 days which may clear it up otherwise will need to go Maxface which is a clinic which specialises in this type of problem.

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