Dr Downing no longer practicing in York - York clinic closed :-(

After my GPs surgery phoned today to cancel my appointment (I think my doctor may be ill as she cancelled in December too) and said I can't have another with her till the end of the month, I decided I had no option but to use the ThyroidUK list and go private. The rest of the doctors in my practice are hopeless! I had high hopes when I rang to fix an appointment with Dr Downing in York. But I find the York clinic is now closed (permanently, as far as I can tell). :-(

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  • Looking into this - sorry - this is the first we have heard about this... :(

  • Thanks, Louise. I thought I'd better let everyone know in case other people were wanting to go there. There doesn't seem to be anyone else in the north of England for me to go to. :-(

  • Hi I think you may be able to consult with him by Skype. There is an article about the closure in the recent Leger M.E newsletter x

  • Would you be able to email the information to me please? Thanks! We would be really grateful!




  • Yes will do x

  • Thanks! x

  • Thanks Mini. When I spoke to his PA by phone though, she didn't mention being able to consult with him by Skype. Perhaps that's just for existing patients?

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