Thought I was over medicated. Maybe not. Thoughts please?

Hi All. Been on Armour for a while now 2 grain. Struggled so upped to 2.5. Felt strange last week spacey etc and now got my latest bloods when I was on 2.5. They are TSH 0.03 (I expect that) T3 6.3 and T4 11.9! My initial problem on Levo only is my T3 went down again so I assumed I wasn't converting. ??? Have been taking hemaplex for about 6 weeks as my ferritin was 22. Endo is still suggesting that with an original T3 of 3.2 TSH of 3.28 and t4 of 9.7 and family history he is not convinced I've ever had significant primary hypothyroidism. Whatever. Thoughts please?

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  • What are the lab ref ranges for FT4 and FT3, Jody?

    Symptoms can precede abnormal bloods by years. The ref ranges are a mean average drawn from people who may not even have had hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism screened out. If you feel improvement on NDT you need it.

  • Thanks for responding (Clutter to the rescue again 😉. ) the T4 is 9-17 instead of the normal 12/22. Lord knows why and t3 is 3.7/6. TSH is up to 5.5 as every where else.

  • Jody, I assume you left 24 hours between last dose and blood draw. FT3 6.3 is a gnat's over range. FT4 11.9 is low in range but consistent with being on NDT. I reckon 2.25 grains is probably an optimal dose and you'll feel better when you get your ferritin up.

  • Hi Clutter. I wondered if I can pick up your last comment. Is my t4 ok at 11.4? You said it's what you'd expect on armour? I wasn't aware of that.

  • Jody, the recommendation for T4 to be in the upper quadrant of range is for people on Levothyroxine only so they can convert sufficient T3.

    T3 in NDT means less T4 is required for storage and conversion and what T4 there is may be stimulated to conversion by oral T3. People on high doses of NDT or T3 often have FT4 below range. Your FT3 is good so it doesn't matter that FT4 is low in range.

  • Cheers for that x

  • He made a comment in my letter that was copied to me via GP. "Interestingly she avoided taking any tablets on the morning of her clinic appointment, so they would not "interfere" with the blood test I took. Sarcastic .....******

  • Jody, Shows he doesn't keep up with thyroid guidelines. The recent BTF statement, ETA and ATA guidlines recommend taking thyroid meds AFTER blood draw.

  • Scary isn't it. I took your advice of last week and I've been on 2.25 and feel great. Well as good as a 46yr old working mum of two squished in to a small 2 bed house can lol. Think I've found my sweet spot. Luckily I'm ahead with my prescription so I can get away with the extra 1/4 without him noticing. 😎

  • Jody, I'm glad it helped. Amazing how 1/4 grain can make the difference between too much and too little.

  • So pleased you are feeling better on the slightly reduced NDT dose -yes small adjustments can make a massive difference! 😀😀

    good on you Clutter for your great advice as usual. I am curious though why you comment that the ft4 being low as usual on a NDT? Am on a NDT and my ft4 is always near the top of the range.

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