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Blood results

Am I making a fuss when I see my results and think that they could be better.

My Ferritin is 43.4 ug/L (range U30 - 400

TSH is 3.75 miu/L (range 0.35 - 4.5)

Haemoglobin 37 (range U 20 - 42)

My THS levels have improved as they were at 14. My doctor still doesn't really listen when I say I feel fatigued and de-motivated and can't do without a sleep post lunch. He still says its because of my open heart surgery 8 months ago.

I've been stuck on 50 mcgs of Levothyroxine for months now. I was diagnosed with Primary Hypothyroidism 12 months ago.

Should diet alone bring up my Ferritin levels? I know Iron supplements don't always agree with everyone.

I also told my Dr about my low body temperature. It fluctuates during the day and ranges from 34.1 - 35.5 with the occasional increase of 36.5 if I'm having a good day. I instinctively feel unwell. Don't know how to explain my symptoms as they are varied and some seem so trivial. I probably present with an all is well attitude as I hate to admit to any negatives. Open Heart surgery and my recovery was a toddle compared to my thyroid problems. I truly believed that all my symptoms would magically go away once my heart valve was replaced. How wrong am I. Any advice would be so welcome

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Suzy, I'm surprised they would put you through surgery with numbers like that. These articles will point out what you need to have.


Suzy61Taylor, you're very undermedicated with TSH almost at the top of range. The goal of Levothyroxine is to restore the patient to euthyroid status and for most people this means TSH around 1.0 and FT4 in the top quandrant. Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options Email if you want to show your GP the full pulse article.

Ideally all our vitamins and minerals will be obtained via diet but ill health, ageing etc can reduce our ability to absorb nutrients from diet and it becomes necessary to supplement. Ferritin is optimal halfway through range. Supplement iron and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Take Levothyroxine and iron 4 hours away from each other.


Are you saying I should try to get my Ferritin to half the recommended range. Is 43.4 too low. Sorry if I've misunderstood. I have to be aware of my warfarin levels which can shoot up and down. Warfarin causes problems otherwise I would have looked closely at medicating myself before now. I have a mechanical aortic valve hence the anticoagulant.


Suzy61Taylor, 43.4 is too low and I am suggesting you get it to the optimal half way through range or at least >100. I don't know whether iron supplements interact with anticoagulents and mechanical valves so you should check with your pharmacist and GP. I suspect your GP will tell you 43.4 is 'normal' even though it is low in range.


Hi Clutter. Just had a strained call from my GP who is adamant that my TSH and Ferritin is totally normal and I'm worrying unnecessarily and I don't need an increase of Thyroxine or iron. So, that put me back in my box. Why I'm feeling unwell she could not say! I felt so close to tears and could not find the words to express myself.


Suzy, I don't know if it helps, but I had a sympathetic hearing from my pharmacist who I approached for a medication review. Or is there another GP at your practice you can see?


Good morning musicmonkey. As it happens I did go to my pharmacist yesterday and she was so concerned about my blood results that she telephoned my Dr. I then received the call from my GP telling me I did not need an increase of any meds. 4 months ago my ferritin was 177, which was fine. My GP would not, or could not give me a reason for this decline, other than I was still in range. Even the advisory message on the print out from the lab suggests a course of iron supplement, especially if my CRP is raised. I also need a repeat blood test because it seems I am at stage 2 with chronic kidney disease. This is something so new to me, but yet again as far as my GP is concerned I'm fine. I manage my own warfarin as I have an expensive price of kit (which I bought) so I don't have to trot to the Dr. So it seems I'll have to go it alone with my thyroid meds. I'm aware that I'm having a rant, so forgive me. Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

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An inadequately medicated thyroid issue will eventually have far reaching effects and most doctors absolutely refuse to believe all symptoms are tied up together.

When I was undermedicated, like others in here, I had blood in my urine and a high creatinine level indicating the beginnings of kidney disease.

As Clutter has explained most people medicated on Levothyroxine function best with a TSH of 1.0 or less, and T4 in upper quadrant of range.

You need more meds in order to get better.

Some find persistence with their doctor works, some just find another doctor, some buy meds online and self medicate.

When self medicating, some ask GP to monitor them and conduct blood tests, and some go it totally alone and have private blood testing.



Just found a link someone else previously posted regarding high creatinine.



You can deal with your low ferritin yourself, just get yourself some iron tablets. I was desperately unwell with a TSH less than yours, so clutter is right, you are undermedicated


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