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Weight gain post RAI for Graves

TSH u.s. . . . . . . . . . . 2,320 µUI/mL (0,270 à 4,200) (previous blood test 0.740)

T4 LIBRE . . . . . . . . . . 1,20 ng/dL (0,93 à 1,70) (1.20)

T3 LIBRE . . . . . . . . . . 2,70 pg/mL (2,00 à 4,40) (3.10)

Hallo everyone

Here are my most recent blood test results. I had RAI for Graves disease in March of last year – have had a few ups and downs since then – but things really haven’t been that bad so I’ve been lucky. I’m currently taking Levothyrox which has also been okay. I take 50 mg one day and 25 mg the next.

But I’ve put on about 4 kilograms recently which pleases me not at all. I’m 56 and have just gone through the menopause – I take no medication whatsoever for that.

I eat loads of fruit and veg, very little meat, I have not got any food allergies, I walk about 2 kilometres a day, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. I eat far less than the rest of the family. I do yoga. My only vice is one spoonful of sugar in tea / coffee.

Is this weight gain going to continue, do you think? How can I stop it? The GP has told me not to diet, just eat a bit less. I’m now thinking about food all the time!!

Thanks for any suggestions

Best wishes


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Lizmag, I think you're gaining weight because you are undermedicated. TSH should be around 1.0 for most people to feel comfortable and FT4 and FT3 higher in range. Ask your GP for a 25mcg increase.

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Hi Clutter

Thanks for your reply but my TSH has just gone up to 2.320 (normal range 0.270 à 4.200). I do feel okay if a bit tired but it's the fact that I've suddenly put on this weight which is bugging me - I've had to rethink my holiday clothes as two skirts I bought a few weeks ago are now uncomfortably close-fitting. Mind you, a few people have said that I look a lot healthier. Is it normal as well to be a bit sort of swollen in this heat?

The doc wants me to persist with what I'm doing with the Levothyrox and she does listen to me and act on how I feel. I've got another blood test for just about everything in 6 weeks or so....


Lizziemag, TSH 2.32 is too high, it should be around 1.0 and some need it lower. Ask for a dose increase because you will feel fatigued and gain weight while you are undermedicated.

Read Dr. Toft's comments in Treatment Options thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_... and ask Louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a full copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.


Thanks Clutter - I'm up to speed with it now! I'll see if I can get the GP on the phone before the hols. So mid-range results of TSH are not what I want after all. I was ironically pleased as for years my TSH had been practically undetectable and for a lot of that time I had been feeling a lot worse than I do now - it's just the weight-gain that's so annoying.

Do the T3 and T4 results look ok to you? As I said, I do feel pretty ok and it is great not to be panicking all the time!



Liz, I think they're a bit low. Ideally, FT4 will be >1.50 and FT3 >3.50. A dose increase will increase both and reduce TSH.

Undetectable TSH and high FT4 and FT3 suggests overmedication.


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