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Unusual systems - are they thyroid related

65 year old lady with primary hypothyroidism for approx. 25 years (had hyperthyroidism in her teens, untreated, apart from stitched to stop eyes bulging any further). About 6 years ago a new GP altered her levothyroxine dose of Eltroxin from 150 to Wockhardt 100, she suffered extreme tiredness, weight gain and lack of motivation, after a short while a locum increased her dose to 125, no improvement. She gave up asking and continued to suffer after the GP said it was to save her from a heart attack. Anyway at Christmas 2014 she got a really bad chest and just couldn't be bothered to go to the Doctor's. After several months she did get antibotics for a chest infection. Then at the end of March she had a left arm ischaemia and had a brachial embolectomy. Over night she then had a major stroke, spent 12 weeks in rehab. She is on the following medication: Atorvastatin (statin), Bendroflumthiazide (high blood pressure) and Warfarin.

Does anyone know of a link to Hypothyroidism and the above? All the Doctors I have spoken say there is no link but my research is showing different.

Statins: deplete vitamin K essential for blood clotting factors I believe. I also believe women on levothyroxine shouldn't be taking statins as if their levels are correct they wouldn't have high cholesterol. Which I think I read somewhere that blood pressure also reduces when optimal thyroid levels are obtained. Though they refuse to test T3 in the lab (I know the consultant asked for it).

TSH levels are not reliable first test in hospital was 3.2, two weeks later it was 1.19.

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You are 100% correct if she had been left on her original dosage of levothyroxine she would not have suffered all that

Statins are day after day being reported to have serious side effects

The doctors are wrong but you are going ton have an uphill battle getting them to agree or to reverse the damage done to your friend


thank you for your reply, I don't suppose you any useful links? I have a tonne of paperwork ready to take to the GP, on top of the letter they have already received.


therea a wealth of research on thyroiduk website , and

plus a google SCHOLAR search on statins etc will bring up all manner of research articles


thank you I have got most of my research from those sites.


you may already have this study..

Thyroid UK

Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) is associated with Graves (autoimmune), however hyperT eventually results in becoming hypothyroid (over time or with surgery) most hypoT folk suffer from the autoimmune variety -Hashimotos. You probably know this already.

My point being we are dealing with an inflammation attack on the thyroid & antibodies (TPO etc), folk have reported that avoiding gluten (or wheat) can help autoimmune disease.

Definitely check the usual underlying nutrient deficiencies -

Low Iron/ferritin- symptoms include pain & tiredness

Low B12/folate - tiredness & weakness - nerve damage

Vitamin D - joint pain, depression, cholesterol

lots of straight talking here...


Welcome to the forum, Donna83015.

Subclinical and overt hypothyroidism raises the risk of heart disease significantly. I think that being undermedicated must increase risk.

There are links in this thread about why statins shouldn't be taken by hypothyroid patients but bear in mind there may be benefits in taking statins after a heart attack although it isn't clear whether there is as much benefit for women as there may be for men.

TSH rises because FT3 drops after a serious event like a heart attack or stroke. The rise and drop in TSH is consistent with serious illness and recovery. The lab declined to test FT3 because TSH is not suppressed <0.03 which means FT3 is unlikely to be high in range. Rather off that they declined the consultant's request though.

I hope your friend/relative makes a complete recovery.


Welcome, Donna.

A heart-rending story of medical incompetence.

So her untreated Graves Disease (hyperthyroidism + bulging eyes) was untreated. How and when did it become hypothyroidism?


Hi Humphrey, she doesn't remember all of it, but when she was 18-19 was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism she never had any treatment for it, seems it just went. Her eyes were stitched. A few years later she had a child, does pregnancy alter the condition? Hypothyroidism was diagnosed when she turned 40 so twenty years approx. later. She is now 65


Any big event in life can, Donna - pregnancy sometimes does, cos it jiggers with the hormones . So can other big changes like divorce or grieving, or a different illlness can trigger it.

I think it's unusual to swing from over to under without treatment.


That's what I thought I asked her many times if she had been given anything and she says not.

Anyway I have in the last hour found research papers stating the correct dosage of levothyroxine would of stopped brachial embolisms occurring and decreased high blood pressure and high cholesterol so I think I have after 10 weeks found all I need to fight my case with Mum's GP


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