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Hypothyroidism issues

Hi, I am hoping for some of your expert advice 😊

I have hashimoto's hypothyroidism with high antibodies. I keep a close eye on my levels with private blood tests and they always range from tsh 1.2-3.4 t4 12/20.

Just before Christmas I was put on high blood pressure tablets and also statins for high cholesterol. My blood pressure has decreased. I am feeling unwell on the statins, fatigue, muscle and tendon soreness, flu like symptoms with sore eyes.

I am due to see my doctor and blood test next week, but have phoned to say I am stopping them today as I feel that the statins are the cause of me feeling unwell.

I have also just been diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. I asked the Specialist why I have this, she said, it was one of those things! I now take enzymes to help with the symptoms.

My questions are:

how can I lower my cholesterol without statins....I See that hypothyroidism causes cholesterol to rise. (I follow a good sensible diet... Can't eat fats due to my pancreatic problem as I become queasy) and I also walk everyday...(too tired at the moment to do anything more!)

Could the exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency stem from the antibodies attacking the pancrease? Does anyone else have an underactive thyroid and EPI?

Many Thanks


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Oh dear lots of things that could well be connected to the thyroid. I do not have medical knowledge - only my own experience to share. I had many bouts of pancreatitis - at least 35 years ago - and only had the Hashimotos diagnosed in 2005 at 59. I also had the gall bladder removed - no stones just inflammation.

My cholesterol was raised which I ignored - as I had read the connection to the thyroid. Also Homocysteine is a better indicator of heart issues or strokes. My levels were high and so I worked on them with a GOOD B Complex and B12 and they reduced - as did the cholesterol. You need good levels of cholesterol as over 20% of the brain is made from it.

Please check out and have a good read. He wrote the book The Cholesterol Con. Also there was research that was published last year that indicated that Statins CAUSE heart disease.

Statins not only block cholesterol but also CoQ10 and I read this morning - also VitK2. VitK2 ensures the calcium in the blood reaches the bones - so if K2 is not available the calcium lodges in the arteries causing the build up of plaque.

There is little or no benefit for women - so I think you are right to stop them. I have read that the new generation of statins also contain VitD which is anti-inflammatory - so then they will say statins work when in fact it is the VitD :-)

Raised blood pressure is also a SYMPTOM of something else going on in the body. It would be better to find out the root cause.

Do you have any thyroid blood test results with ranges - the ones you posted are difficult to understand. No FT3 result either - which is so important in your case with the raised blood pressure.

The heart is very dependent on good thyroid hormone levels.

Also what are your levels of Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD ????


Thank you Marz for your reply.

I am having a blood test next week. I have b12 shots x3 months. Have just started Vit D capsules and high Vit B complex 😊

I have had scans on the gallbladder .....No stones. I am sure that my gallbladder is causing problems with my pancrease... Inflammation/duct problem, but the specialist says 'no!' Hitting a brick wall here.... Just gives me the enzymes and get on with life! Do you feel better without your gallbladder?

Will read All the links you have suggested.

Many thanks again,



Am afraid it is all about reading and learning - and of course asking questions here :-) The second link I posted for you is a piece of research saying that statins can cause heart disease - so do read it.

How much VitD are you taking ? Do you feel your 3 monthly B12 shots are sufficient ? - Did you have neurological symptoms ? If so you may beed them more often. You could supplement with a B12 lozenge or use a B12 spray in between. I have my jabs weekly - as I am trying to repair some damage.

Do you have any thyroid results you could share ? What are you having tested next week ?

Sorry lots of questions :-)


If hypo everything slows down and that includes maybe having low stomach acid but as symptoms are identical to High Acid GPs prescribe antacids. Most of us have to take either Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice with meals, particularly with protein or Betaine/pepsin tablets.


A higher cholesterol, which is one of the clinical symptoms of hypothyridism, should reduce naturally when you are on an optimum of thyroid hormones which suit you. Maybe with the addition of T3 would help as well as make you feel a little better.

Statins, I'm glad you've reduced as they are having a bad press at present even if not hypo. Marz has given wise advice.

There are about 300 clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism and doctors are unaware of them (cholesterol is about top of the list) and are apt to give us 'extra' meds for the symptoms rather than a decent dose of thyroid hormones to relieve us of all clinical symptoms.

We have to educate ourselves if we want to recover although many thousands might be fine on levothyroxine, but most on this forum don't.

Next time your blood test is due make the appointment at the earliest and fast. Allow about 24 hours hours since your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This allows the TSH to be higher as it reduces throughout the day and sometimes our dose of hormones is adjusted to keep the TSH in the range. We usually feel best with a very low TSH around 1 or lower.

Antibodies can be lowered going gluten free. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be checked too. We are usually deficient and that can result in symptoms too.


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