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Advice re hair loss

I was diagnosed hypo about 10 years ago and eventually went up to 125mcg Levothyroxine and then lowered down to 100 as ft4 was above range. I felt 'thyroidy' again earlier this year and, at my request, was referred to an endo. He agreed for me to have t3 - liothyronine - 10mcg per day, but at the same time he lowered my Levo to 75mcg. My hair is now coming out in handfuls and I feel dreadful. I have fibro as well so sometimes symptoms cross over, but this isn't the case with the hair shedding. I can't get in at the docs so any advice would be gratefully received until I can. Thank you.

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Humans secrete, on average, about 100 mcg T4 and 6-10 mcg T3. You could've just stayed on the 100 you were already on and added the T3. I would ask to go back up to 100, or even 88. Obviously, 75 is too low for you.


Thank you for advice. I think the doc would be more willing to give me extra Levo - it's cheaper!


I agree with Maggiet about your dose being too low. Dr Skinner (RIP) said that patients health is parlous because of the very low doses of thyroid hormones prescribed. It used to be between 200 and 400mcg when we were prescribed NDT. (pre the blood tests and levothyroxine).

I think you will find the addition of T3 helpful as it's the active hormone needed in all of our receptor cells.


I would take natures garden sea kelp take 2 every day . Don't drink tap water either its full of fluoride that effects your thyroid

Hope I've helped you



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