Hair loss

Hair loss

Is this normal? My tsh was 9.28 in May, t4 was about 15. I was put on 25mg thyroxine and increased to 50mg 2 weeks ago as tsh was 7.9.

I noticed today I've a bald area forming at the front of my hair. It made me cry. I have lost alot of my eyebrows but hair on head has always been ok. I'm devatsted and worried will I lose all my hair? 😣 it's always been so thick. I'm still not well with the fatigue and weakness and now I look even worse. Feeling very sorry for myself today. I was 37 this week, I don't want to lose my hair.


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  • Hi Julie,

    You're not alone. I have been prescribed thyroxine as well recently but have been experiencing hair loss for a long time prior to this. I went to the docs over a year ago to ask for testing - and my Ferritin was low so I started supplementing. Recently more hair has gone. I actually thought it was female pattern hair loss - which is really tough to deal with mentally...

    I went back to docs on an unrelated matter and my TSH is 7.32, hence being prescribed a low starter dose.

    Point I wanted to make is that losing your hair is devastating, so I totally understand. The thickness of my hair has reduced a lot but now I've been diagnosed with this I'm hoping it will grow back once optimum levels have been reached. I use this really good product Nanogen which you sprinkle into your hair and it hides the bits where you can see scalp.

    More recently, I have bought on Ebay an inch wide bit of hair that you can clip in. It really makes a difference because I had been having extensions added as I couldn't stand how light my hair felt. My hair loss has cost me a fortune, but I am really hopeful that once this treatment kicks in - things will improve. I am scared that Levothyroxine may make things worse before they're better, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

    I really feel for you. Get the Nanogen if nothing else as it makes a big difference to your confidence. I wouldn't go to work without it.

    Oh yes, Ferritin levels have to be over 70/80 for hair to grow apparently. Have you had this checked?

  • Thank you so much.

    I cried today when I noticed it. I had no idea I had the patch, how have I not noticed?

    My ferritin was last checked in July and was 49, it's been low all my adult life, as low as 8 and I never lost hair. It's climbed from 15 to 49 in the last 9 months which is good. I supplement.

    I shall have a look for what you have suggested. I really am worried why it's happened but I guess it's part of the illness, another horrible effect of being ill. I am already struggling daily with chronic fatigue and weakness, now I have hair falling out lol!

    Thank you for replying.


  • i was told it needs to be 80ferritin serum

  • Yes I have been told I need to increase it further. I am sure I will with taking iron.

  • who are the vendor on ebay...really interested.... i am battling that also and my tsh was fine on test but had low free t3 and also high cortisol that can cause hair loss....but i have heard it takes up to 3 mths to see a change bec of the hair cycle...I know how shocking this is ....i have been battling for over a year and i also had low ferritin therefore many times it is more than one thing so i would make sure i was tested for ferritin serum, .

    tsh ft3 ft4



    cortisol 4 saliva test.....

    bec if i had did all at once i may have been on a road to recovery sooner.....insteading of losing more hair....

  • Hi

    Loads of people selling on ebay. Just choose your one based on usual criteria you'd follow plus of course what suits your hair best.

    I just clip in a piece to thicken my hair, placing it just under my real hair. It really makes it weightier which I need as my hair is so flyaway now.

    Good Luck!

  • How's your iron? Low iron can cause hair loss.

  • I have never been anaemic, but low ferritin for about 12 years. It was 15 last year, it's now 49. I haven't lost hair with it before.

  • Always a first time! Besides, you will not get the best out of your thyroid hormone replacement with a ferritin that low. Are you supplementing it?

  • Yes I am supplementing. I take iron daily and it's increased my ferritin well. I last had my full blood count in December and my iron level was 14 which GP said is excellent.

  • OK, but it's the ferritin that is important.

  • Ferritin is slowly improving, 49 is excellent for me lol!

  • I'm sorry, this happened to me too. My only advice is to stay on top of your meds and make sure you're tested every 6-8wks until you're optimally medicated. Imo they've taken far too long to raise your levo this tiny bit and if they continue to work w this time lag you'll be ill and your hair will continue to thin. Make a blood appt for 6-8wks after your levo was raised. On this low dose your tsh may go UP, so really you need to be on a proper therapeutic dose asap.

    I've read posts here from people who were put on 50mcg levo and left there for many years despite tsh being high in range. Don't be that person.

    When you're on enough meds (t3/t4 high in range, tsh below 1) I'd put a date on the calendar - 6mos seems adequate - and if your hair hasn't improved I'd try adding some t3. That was the only thing that helped me.

    In the interim Idk how you feel about minoxidil but it has helped my partner and my mother w thinning hair.

    Good luck!

  • and remember not to take meds morning of test,wait till after

  • Thank you.

    I am being tested in 4 weeks then hopefully I will get a better result, if not then I will of course be increased again I'm sure. I won't allow my GP to say 'oh you're within the 0.2-4.2 range now so you're fine' if it sticks at say 4. I know it has to be lower than that.

    My T3 has been fine at around 5.6 before I started treatment. My T4 was 15 ish in a range of 12-22. My T3 was in a range of 3-6.8. It was my TSH that kept climbing.

    Thank you for your help.


  • just make sure they are testing free t3 free t4, not just t3 t4 want those in top of normal range.....the frees i mean top of normal range...i have read over and over that the free t3 is a hair maker.....and i was lownormal for over a yr and every dr ignored

  • Yes it's always been FT3 and FT4.

  • Hi Julie. My t3 was good too on paper (upper quarter of the range) when I was on levo alone but my hair kept thinning and didn't come back until I reduced levo and added synthetic t3.

    I admit I have no scientific explanation for it, but I guess my b12 levels looked good but I had no relief from my symptoms until I got injections, so maybe there is some issue w how I use the t3 produced from levo or how meds are absorbed in my gut or maybe there is something about having higher levels of t4 that was inhibiting hair regrowth - ? No idea. I do still lose a lot of hair but I get a lot of regrowth, which means I get a lot of fuzzy shorter hairs everywhere. Even my temples look better and they've been thin all my life.

    Good luck! Hair loss is very annoying and upsetting.

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