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Appointment this am

I took my private blood tests into the surgery last Thursday. I thought I might have heard from them as it showed low progesterone and T3. (Results on last post). I've now made an appointment for this am to discuss. Just so happens it's with very nice but no idea Dr about B12d and who said my tsh and T4 were lovely, just right, obv T3 wasn't tested on NHS.

Why do I suspect it's going to be a tricky appt...... Any suggestions what I should ask for please?

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Just want to wish you good luck. I'm no good at dealing with ignorant Drs, so can't really give you any advice. I'm one of those people who, afterwards thinks, I should have said this or that, but it's too late then!


Thanks Sewnsew,

She was very nice but

Said that the lab range was different than theirs. She was reluctant to label me hypo as once got label, can't remove it. Wants me to go for another T3 test, done on NHS this time. (When I asked for it last time I was told the lab wouldn't do) No mention of the progesterone - and I forgot about it. Can't do RT3 as not even listed but can have zinc and selenium when I said some reading had suggested these could impact on T3.

That'll be an early trip to blood letting centre then....


My Dr hasn't given me the hypo label yet! Unwell for 8 years I repeatedly said my symptoms were hypo, but TSH said no! Recently GP gave me a trial of Levo and was surprised my symptoms started improving!

I've just completed the form for free prescriptions, so I will see what happens. Do I have to have a hypo diagnosis for free prescriptions? I don't know how it works!

I hope you get your T3 test. The Endo I saw didn't do T3. I'm going to pay for blood tests, for some reason my GP said no more blood tests! I just can't be bothered to fight them anymore.....


Sewnsew, I hear your frustration! Have u tried an endo that's on the list? Good luck with the prescriptions.


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