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Neck pain

I posted on here a couple of years ago I have now been ill for 5years I have positive antibodies my thyroid levels are all within range my endo is saying he cannot do anything else I have had a brain scan to see if there's any inflammation there that's fine I have high cholesterol and on simvastatins 100mg of thyroxine I feel really bad everyday my neck hurts really bad I have gut problems I had a bacteria bug and was given antibiotics I duffer with dioreia then constipation hot sweats are really bad sickness a pain constantly in my right side a felling of being unwell every day joint pain my thyroid problems have been with me for 8years but have only been this ill for 5 I also suffer with bouts of low vit d and high calcium levels I feel like ripping my neck out at times because it feels so bad never have a good days health have had all he test from my endo he's now disscharging me please help

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Hi whitely, I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so ill. My thyroid problems have gone on for ten years now, and like you, things were getting worse not better. When they tested your VitD and calcium levels, did they also check your B12, ferritin, and folate? I was eventually diagnosed with B12 deficiency about 16 months ago, and I am now getting B12 injections. This has helped a lot with the aches and pains, numbness and sweats, which were making me feel so ill. I see you've had some gut issues, and this increases the likelihood of all vitamins and minerals being low. It means the inflamed gut has problems absorbing what we need from our food. It might be worth asking your doctor to check for low B12 ?

I wish you well, and hope you find some answers soon. MariLiz


Whitely can you post your results here for more advice. xx


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