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Hashi's pain in the neck

Good evening all - happy friday!

I've been feeling quite well recently (on 100mcg T4, 30mcg T3) and even started a ladies badminton class on a wednesday evening! Last year I started having intermittent jaw pain which can be extremely severe but never lasts long. It occurs either a couple of times a week or a couple of times a day.

At any rate, the past few weeks I've started getting really hoarse again like before I started treatment. My neck area has been very uncomfortable and tight like it was before treatment and my husband noticed it looks more swollen. I say more swollen because it was enough for him to notice!

I'm not really sure what to do? 2 years ago when I first had the (same) discomfort/pain and they did the scan my endo said they could go down the steroid route but that seemed a bit excessive at the time especially when he said treatment would help (and it did, well, after about 6 months).

Is this our lot with Hashi's? It's a step forward and 2 back. I do feel really well but the neck pain is well (excuse the pun) a pain in the neck :( xx

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I think it just better to get an Endocrinologist to check your neck. Maybe your GP is able to do this. The symptoms may be due to your hashimotos 'flooding' out hormones and it might settle down again.

A member who has hashi's will respond.


Poppy, ask GP to do a thyroid test and examine your neck and throat. If you're undermedicated TSH flogging your thyroid gland to produce more hormone can make your thyroid swell or it could have been a Hashi attack which can inflame it and cause swelling. A low or suppressed TSH can reduce Hashi flares. I would prefer to try high dose Levothyroxine rather than steroids.


Thanks Clutter, on the phone booking up a test now (was due one this week anyhow!) x


Hi Clutter

Just got my blood test results and all are really good:

TSH: 0.4 range 0.5-4.5

T4: 12, range 9-23

T3: 5.9, range 3.8-6.9

Really chuffed as I had been feeling much better (physically), it's just this neck pain, hoarsness and lump I need to get sorted now. Seeing the GP today....not really sure what they can do because I don't like the thought of steroids :( x


Pennyrose, yes lovely results. Other than a dose increase which will probably suppress TSH but can help reduce Hashi attacks the only thing I can suggest is trying a gluten-free diet. Some members say it helps reduce Hashi attacks and antibodies.

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Could the extra exercise need a slightly higher dose? I think you should be retested to see what is going on.

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Thanks Silver, booking up a blood test now. Had an increase at the tail end of last year - extra 25mcg T4. I would have rather the T3 as I feel that works better for me. BUT it's tooooooo expensive! x


Hi lovely

Just responded to clutter, my blood test results are back today and look really good for the first time in, well, ages!!

Seeing the GP today so will be interesting to see what he can do :/ x


FT3 looks good. Hope all goes well with your GP


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