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Scalloped Tongue anyone?!?


Just wondered who here has a scalloped tongue (also known as pie crust... mmmm!), where your tongue is slightly enlarged and so pushes on the inside of your teeth and leaves indentations. This was one of the very first symptoms I noticed over 10 years ago. It’s not something discussed much and just wondered if anyone knew exactly what causes it and how to get rid of it?!

I have another fun symptom that I will post separately about !!

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Well, that could be due to hypo, or low vit B12. Have you had your B12 tested?

Gilbo72 in reply to greygoose

Hi greygoose, I’m on my hols at the moment but ordered a load of blue horizon blood tests yesterday for when I get back. Several years ago the GP tested my b12 which I was low on and had a years course of weekly b12 injections. It didn’t do much for the tongue but did give me much more energy and got rid of some fogginess. I haven’t been tested since.

So you say hypo? So it may be I’m just not optimally medicated for hypothyroidism? I’m on 112 mcg of Levo, my TSH is suppressed and my free T4 is elevated well above the range. I was wondering if I had a conversion issue? Hence the test orders for when I get back! X

greygoose in reply to Gilbo72

You very well could have a conversion issue. But you won't know unless you get your FT4 and FT3 tested at the same time.

Yes. I had a scalloped tongue pre-diagnosis.

I was aware of it for a very long time and actually thought it was a "normal" thing to have (as in doesn't everybody have a tongue with teeth indentations on the edge!) and in hindsight would often speak a bit like Daffy Duck at times, especially soon after getting up for the day because of my enlarged tongue. :D

It has gone now that I'm on treatment and addressed thyroid and mineral deficiencies.

Gilbo72 in reply to spongecat

So it did go?! That’s reassuring. X

I have this. I had it long before I was diagnosed and it's still there, but then I'm not optimal yet, despite what doctors think.

Hi. I too have a scalloped tongue. I’m sero negative Hashimoto’s, TSH and antibodies are normal range, but my FNA biopsy showed Hashimoto’s. Just diagnosed in April. Have been reading a lot about symptoms and treatment while waiting for 6 months to pass .(Dr has me returning for second Thryoid ultrasound end of October before meeting with me to discuss treatment), One symptom was enlarged tongue—so I asked my dentist about it and he said my tongue was not enlarged but it was definitely scalloped. That was the first I had heard of a scalloped tongue.


This has been discussed many times (mostly on Thyroid UK). You might find some of the older posts of interest:

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