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Son's basal temperature is 35.2 degrees

Hi All, I accept I need to be told off as I posted 8 months ago about my 16-year-old son and although I have followed most of the very much appreciated advice but I haven't taken him to Dr BDP (affording it is the problem but I should have found the money somehow). I am just reading his book and I have read many others as well as websites and forums. This morning I asked him to take his temperature before he got up and it was 35.2C. I know he has to take few more times and work out the average. Actually, he is up now and has taken it again and is still 35.2C. I haven't taken his temperature for years but seem to remember that his 'normal' temperature is around 36.5C.

His mental health has not improved, he has been on antidepressants and off again. When I mentioned hypothyroidism to his psychiatrist, she didn't seem to know (or care) that thyroid disorders could cause depression and anxiety etc. She did remember that in hypothyroidism the pulse is low, therefore, took my son's pulse and it was normal. He has taken his pulse at home too and it is normal.

He has been seen by a paediatrician (infectious diseases) who took blood tests and thought my son might have chronic fatigue. The appointment was in the beginning of March and I still haven't got the blood test results (the numbers and the ranges) apart from that they are normal. Our GP surgery hasn't received them either. I have rang the hospital and left a message again today. Paediatrician has referred him to Physiotherapy because of the pain he is in. Twice during the appointment she wondered why has my son not been referred to Great Ormond Street.

I am giving him supplements: Vitamin D3, various B vitamins, magnesium and so on.

Can anyone shed light into what might be going on with his temperature?

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I can comment on the rest of your post, but I am hypo and have never had a low pulse rate. I. Lucky if it stays under 90 but it is usually higher. And my temperature has always been at or around 36 . Clemmie


I thought not everyone who is hypothyroid has a low pulse but when you get the brick wall treatment from the doctors... Thanks for your reply, it makes a huge difference - I feel so hopeless sometimes.

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Tiera, low temperature is one of many hypothyroid signs. We need to see your son's thyroid results to advise. 'Normal' is a broad range and you need to see where in the range your son's results are. The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their test results. If you have requested his results and the lab ref ranges and they haven't been sent to you I suggest you make a subject access request in writing to obtain them.


I have tried to get the results many times, in one message I said I would contact Patient Liaison Services which I did. In reply, I got very badly printed letter which said all the tests were normal but not the actual results nor the ranges. This is the Royal Alexandra Childrens' Hospital in Brighton. Thanks Clutter for the link, I didn't know about that. I have looked at the website and will be writing to the consultant this afternoon.

I am so fed up with doctors and mental health nurses. They think I am just anxious about his health. My son's mental health nurse said to me yesterday that I am more anxious about his OCD than he is. I replied that he doesn't tell her how bad his OCD actually is.

She made disapproving noise when I said that he woke me up the night before his first GSCE exam (at around 2am) because he was stuck in the bathroom (checking the taps were turned off). He could not move from it.

So I simply said that the taps are off, you can go to bed now. But I am not supposed to take part in his rituals and I know that but how can I leave him there? Sorry for the rant. Dealing with lots and no one can help.




Tiera, If you didn't get the runaround when asking for results and help maybe you would be less anxious :x

'Over anxious mother' means you aren't passively accepting what you are told or how your son's treatment is organised. It's supposed to make you shut up and get off their backs.


For the uncaring psychiatrist- maybe you could refer her to and

These are links from the NHS choices website.

My pulse and temp were low before treatment - pulse in the 60s, temp about 35.6.


There are one or two research reports of OCD being caused by low B12, so you could try methylcobalamin sub-lingual supplements - it would be worth a go, if you're not already doing that. Give methylfolate at the same time.

It could be that ordinary B12 supps aren't doing the job for him.

Worth a go.

I deeply sympathise, it's hard enough trying to help a mentally ill child without the medics (or teachers) making you feel that you are partly to blame.


Hi Aspmama, I will get some methylcobalamin. I do have ordinary B12 supplements. I have so many supplements. My friend said to me today that it is natural to worry about our children. I have thought for months that son was on the waiting list to be assessed for Aspergers but yesterday the nurse told me that he didn't meet the criteria. Well, they failed to inform me. This is something CAMHS instigated, I didn't demand him to be assessed.


I've almost never found CAMHS the least use. Well, they did diagnose - after everyone else - and the physios there that looked at the toe walking were lovely. But on the whole, a waste of time. In fact - almost every medical appointment is a waste of time. It takes years to learn not to hope, though.

If we all help each other, we will make breakthroughs.


True about medical appointments being waste of time. I am considering stopping going to CAMHS after the next appointment. What do this people do? Do they have any successes?

We won't give up until our children are well.


I just scanned though some nice guidelines for treatment of ADHD (not saying this is what your son has - it's just an example) a horrific read IMHO.....

" For people taking methylphenidate, dexamfetamine and atomoxetine, routine blood tests and ECGs are not recommended unless there is a clinical indication." - they dont' test bloods!!! OK we know blood tests aren't perfect but still!

My physc nurse friend says in Denmark they always test for thyroid and deficiencies BEFORE diagnosis...

" The elimination of artificial colouring and additives from the diet is not recommended as a generally applicable treatment for children and young people with ADHD." - why mention it then? they go on to say keep a diet diary...... crazy....



The NICE guidelines... I was told yesterday by someone from CAMHS that NICE guidelines say that Sertraline can be prescribed for children from aged 10 for OCD. And they can't be referred to OCD clinic unless they are on antidepressants.


It's awful... I work in a school, kids are given meds for just being hungry.... just feed them! (in my very unqualified humble opinion as mother of 4 and nan of 5) to be fair the SENCo hates to refer kids but if they've already been tagged in primary... its very difficult

I'm worried about my grandson, he has hollow legs & a bit hyper after sweets/pop - daughter has already been accused by the lunchbox police of not putting enough in - he eats it all in 2 seconds flat to go out to play!


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