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Temperature basal range?

I have been taking my temperature just out of curiosity in the day and it's normally 36.4 which doesn't seem bad.But decided to test this morning and it's a cool 35.4 I've read about people asking temperatures in the morning is it supposed to be this low in the morning?

Is this why I always feel run down sore throats etc you body temperature doesn't rise significantly to kill bacteria or what not.

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I am as logging my basal temps, as it can be a symptom, so out of curiosity I have been doing them in the morning before rising and mid afternoon.

On average my morning temp is 96.5 F

My afternoon average is 97.3 F

I feel cold most of the time


Hello, Since this is a site about thyroid issues can I assume that you are on thyroid medication? Have you had thyroid tests, because the early morning temperature you mention is certainly indicative of hypothyroidism, although there are also many other signs and symptoms that can also point to the problem.

If you've had tests can you let us know which ones you've had and their levels with the reference ranges.

If you are already on thyroid replacement it may be that you need more of it or a different kind, and possibly other supplements.

Can I suggest that you check out these pages on the main Thyroid UK website and also let us have any test results you may have.

Jane x x


Jane I am being treated for hypothyroidism but I feel my medication is not high enough I get dry eyes,pins and needles at night and am still really achy but because my Tsh was 0.5 range(0.35-4.0) ft4 was 14.7 (11.0-22.0) doctor refuses to up dose or try anything I read about people taking their temperature to gauge symptoms but not really sure how to do it and my ft 3 was 4.7 so at the bottom end of normal thank you for the link I will have a look.

Vanessa xx


Hi. Interestingly I also have been taking temps throughout the day for last 2 weeks and they range from lowest being 34.4 to a general 35.5 and occasionaly up to 36 .1 being the highest, I am on 125mg of levo and 30mg of hydrocortisone for adrenal and hypopiturity issues. I will take these readings to my next endo visit in april as still feeling quite ill despite meds, dont really know what these temps may now indicate, any ideas ? Maybe since taking the steroidss for adrenals since december this may indicate that the dose of levo for thyroid need to be increased or is it because growth hormone reading is abnormal, feeling quite confused and dejected as thought I would feel much better once the steroids had after 3 months started working on adrenals. Is anyone else out there been diagnosed with hypopituritism and secondary addisons disease with hashimotos hypo and on levo. Would like to compare some information



Hi Although, quite rightly low Temp. is associated with endocrine problems, some people have a normal low temp. I do, my thyroid treatment is correct and is stable. However that is still my normal temperature. it is unusal can be a problem in hospital, as my bad temp is others normal! My GP did not believe me and it broke her thermometer!!



How long have you been recording and where are you in your menstrual cycle? Some women see a dip before they ovulate.


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