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Bloods back can`t see anything


Posting blood results 7 week post total hysterectomy and ovaries. Wasn`t sure if menopause problems or thyroid. Posting result to see if anything stands out.

serum c reactive protein level (Ht1) just out of range, no action 11.9mg/l range <10

serum TSH normal no action 1.1mu/l (0.40-5.00)

renal profile

serum sodium 145mmol/L (136-145)

serum potassium 4.1 mmol/L (3.5-5.4)

serum creatinine 69 umol/L 69 (53-97)

serum urea 5.9 mmol /L 5.9 (2.5-6.7)

gfr calculated abbreviated mdrd 75mL/min >60

Been doing temp since yesterday 5am 36.2, 1pm 36.6 6pm 36.5 9pm 36.2 11.15pm 36.1.

today 5am 35.6 8.15am 36.5 10.30 am 36.4 2pm 36.5.

Any help would be appreciated feeling crap.

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Sharon62, TSH 1.1 is euthyroid (normal). FT4 and FT3 really need to be tested to give a good indication of thyroid hormone levels but it's very likely your FT3 is low post-op as it's the body's defence against over doing things during serious illness and after surgery.

Your CRP is elevated which indicates inflammation in the body and again, this is normal post surgery, and levels should drop when you've healed.

Have you been prescribed HRT to cope with the menopause symptoms?


Hi Clutter

Thanks for reply, just started taking zumenon tablets this week, but its my throat, hoarseness and now cough, hot sweats etc inability to sleep long its driving me mad was sure it was thyroid. Ah well I will leave it well Monday and if no better make another appointment to see doctor.



sounds very much like Thyroid has been the problem all along


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