B 12 Test - half a thyroid

Morning Peeps, after putting a tread on here yesterday, coz I'm feeling very tired, put on a stone in 8 months, but all bloods have come back "ok" one of you lovely people suggested I try B12. So I've done just that. If you can put up with my daily ramberlings I will let you know how I feel before seeing my Specialist on Tues next week.

Ok so woke up about 6.30...to early went back to sleep until about 9ish on a scale of 1 to 10 tired-wise I feel about 5ish. Still a bit achy but went for my daily stroll with the hound, about 3km (just under 2 miles) we used to walk about 5k at the beginning of the year, mind you we're both getting "mature" so that could be another reason.

I've been getting weird carvings, advocardo's, tomatoes, thats when I want to eat. Poor hubby has been great on the cooking department and has been coming up with some great and fun ways to make me eat (yes its like dealing with a kid for him, but it does make me laugh how artistic he is with my food!!) If I sit down I just want to sleep but not so bad today.

So I've got a spray in the mouth B12, its actually very nice.......so watch this space and hopefully I wont feel like some 90 year old (sorry all you spritely 90 year olds!!)

Right off to throw the ball in the garden for Max the westie for a while.

Hope your day is good my friends

PS 'cuse spelling and grammar

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  • Glad you are taking some B12. However it is best to also take a good B Complex to keep all the B's in balance. Thorne Research B complex contains methylfolate which is natural - folic Acid is synthetic....

    I see on an earlier post your Ferritin is way too low - hope you are taking something for that too. Don't forget the VitD test that was also suggested to you before :-)

    Hope you continue to be on the UP :-)

  • Ekkkk Marz, No no and no lol!! Just taking the spray B12. If I could do the googly eyed smiley face I would. So I need a B Complex?? what for the ferritin??

    Gosh after all these vit's I expect to be leaping about like a gazelle!!

    Oh and thanks for the heads up about the vit D, I'ld forgotten about that


  • healthunlocked.com/search/t...

    Here are some earlier links about Ferritin - where I am sure you will the correct information. Am not good on iron - I need to take loads of stuff but not iron. Think you will read somewhere that you will also need to take lots of VitC to help the absorption of iron.....

    In days of old - my Mum used to go to the Doc about once a year for a Tonic - made up by himself ! - mostly iron I expect with some B's. Those were the days :-)

  • Yes the good old days eh!

    Brilliant, thanks for the link Marz, and for your help


  • If you are going out for daily walks in this strong sunshine about midday with no sun lotion, exposing your skin for at least ten minutes, maybe more so long as you do not risk burning - you should be getting 20,000 iu of vitamin D a day. Expose your arms when you walk the dog!

    Iron, ask for Ferrous Fumerate or Ferrous Bisglycinate or something with Ferrochel in it. Tell the pharmacist what your serum ferritin level is and ask for advice on how much iron you should take a day. You need to get your serum ferritin up to over 60, ideally over 80.

  • Hi Aspmama,

    Cancer runs in my family so although I can see it makes a lot of sense to get Vit D sunshine. My sunblock is always on come rain or shine. But thank you for the info re the Iron I will be off to see the pharmacist later thats really helpful.... I think I will be rattling when I take Max out tomorrow with all these tablets hee hee :-)

  • grassrootshealth.net/media/...

    You may wish to look at the above chart which illustrates levels of D required to prevent cancers and other illness.

    Regarding Aspmama's comment about exposing skin to the sun - I would like to mention that I have lived in Crete since 2004 and both hubby and I tested a few years ago insufficient and deficient :-) I have read that more than your arms need to be exposed to gain an adequate dose of UVB rays....

    Regarding cancer - is it skin cancer you are afraid of ? The chemicals in sun creams are pretty toxic - so hopefully you have managed to find something that is kind to your biggest organ - your skin ! Skin cancer in Oz from the 70's increased at the same level as did sun prep sales. Research who is behind some sun prep companies....you may be surprised. I once worked for a very well known cosmetic and fragrance company and the parent company was Squibb Pharmaceutical in New Jersey....

  • Thanks again Marz..you're a fountain of info :-)

    Its everything cancer that runs in the family unfortunately, so I've very careful about what I put on my body..(hmmm could come up with some good jokes there!!)


  • I'm sorry to hear that - that's melanoma running in your family, yes? Some other cancers it might actually help with.

  • Sorry - I should read the whole thread before cheeping up!

  • Ha ha Aspmana, don't you be worrying, I think we're all a bit guilty of selective reading. Hope you have a lovely evening :-)

  • Hi Peeps again (Yes I'm sorry!!!) now this most probably is a total fluke and I promise it had totally gone out of head that I had a B12 supplement this morning,(Ist time) But this afternoon the tired level has gone down to a 2. I did spend most of the morning/afternoon sitting down. Did play ball with Max though in the garden, feeling quite perky. :-)

  • Morning all....well great news....I was out walking the hound last night at 10.30. Ok so whats so strange about that I hear you ask. Well I'm normally in bed by 9.30ish!!

    NO hotness or flushes until 4.35 this morning which is fabulous... Tiredness is about a level 2 again, but hey I'm happy with that.

    Obviously we are all different and somethings work for some and not others but B!2 you're my hero, and of course the lovely lady who suggested it, you know who you are!!

    Going to potter about in the garden and have a game of footy with Max...maybe this time I will win!!!

    Hope all is "well-ish" with you lovely folk. :-)

  • Happy Weekend folks

    Well not a very good night last night...doesn't really help eating sausage sarnies late at night...woke up with heart burn, got back to sleep then Max decided he was going to come out in sympathy and threw up!! Hes all ok, so sleep was very hit and miss with a few "hotness's" thrown in.

    Anyhoo I've jumped ahead a bit. I actually did a bit of gardening yesterday morning, well when I say gardening I actually mean laying a path. I managed 6 paving slabs, which I must say I was very proud of myself. I did have a sleep in the afternoon, plus a few "hoties" so I've decided to do a little experiment. This morning I did 3 sprays of B12 and then I will have the 4th one at lunch time and see how we go from there. Tired level is 2, but maybe I am expecting to get back to the hyper kid I once was, I know shes in there somewhere! But compared to the beginning of this week, its amazing, all I wanted to do was sleep!

    Right after our walk this morning, and its very muggy out there. Max is going for a bath, which he doesn't enjoy but he loves the hairdryer! hes a funny old hound.

    Hope the weekend is kind to you all


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