Bloody Thyroid

Hi Folks

Have not posted in a while because i thought i felt well!!!!!sounds ridiculous but i was so busy with work i just put it down to been overly tired, but looking back i think its more than that.

I have not been looking after myself and now have developed terrible insomnia, my mood swings are horrendous i dont want to go out and mix with people and am generally in a foul mood, During the day i just about manage to get through it and feel generally off. At the moment i am going through financial problems so cannot afford private testing (i have spent a fortune on that over the years to no avail) its hard to explain but i just feel that my Thyroid is out of a whack, restless legs on a night, palpitations are back again! constipation, really terrible dry skin the list goes on.

My Doc wont test my levels as he says i am not due for testing till January 2018 so i have to be my own doctor , i am taking B12 and b complex but thats it have been looking at Magnesium and some sites say the oil is better than supplements any thoughts? Any advice would be great just really fed up right now and feel like giving up.


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  • Without current labs it's anyone's guess as to what is happening here. Medichecks offers discounted labs here every Thursday for what it's worth (go to Thyroid UK site for link) so if all you can afford is free T3 and TSH Start with that.

  • Thank you

  • Looking back at your previous posts... are you still on only 75 mcg?

  • Yes the thing is if i up my dose which i have done in the past i get terrible irregular heartbeats

  • As an added note a few years ago i had my t3 tested and it was completely out of range, then when it was re tested it was just in range, but my endo at the time wouldnt do any thing about it and said it was fine even though i kicked up a stink he said it was normal!!!!!

  • Out of range low or high?

    Low iron can be one of the causes of palpitations.

  • What about splitting your dose? Or have you considered self medicating with NDT? If so you can pm me for online source.

  • I have thought about NDT but felt rather nervous about self medicating silly i know especially with having heart issues irregular beats am under an electrophysiologist who said its an electrical problem with in the heart

  • Ok so there is a physiological issue with your heart itself, and not just symptoms brought on by Levo, correct? Levo can cause palpitations, as can being under medicated, or having low iron. One needs the whole picture not just one part of the problem.

    But understand that thyroid hormone is replacing what your body can't produce. So under medicating is not wise either - understandably we really need to see labs here!

    And speaking of labs: make sure tests are early AM, after fasting (water OK) and no Levo for 24 hours prior. This helps with accuracy of the results.

  • Yes my heart issues started when i was diagnosed under active thyroid 17 yrs ago,whether thats a coincidence i dont know!!! i think i will hot foot it to docs yet again and have another bash at getting some tests done.

    Thanks for your advice

  • Try force the issue with your doc it's awful the way they make us suffer. Hope you get some answers soon

  • Hey dotti try Nature's Best magnesium oil - less than a tenner and lasts for ages. It has definitely helped me with my sleep. Also a cup of cherry active in hot water as a drink before bedtime - it's Montmorency cherry juice and that has natural melatonin in it I have no connection with either of these companies, FYI ;) but both have helped me sleep. I do find things easier after a good night and I hope you find a way to restore your sleep.

    Put yourself first dotti because if you're not looking after yourself you can't really move forward. xx

  • Low iron/ferritin is a classic cause of restless legs

    and palpitations

    and fatigue generally

  • Thanks everyone for your replies very helpful

    Dotti xx

  • Palpitations can also be due to adrenal fatigue. This is caused by under treated hypothyroidism. Also Rt3 can cause hypo symptoms. You need to test I'm afraid to know what's going on. Guessing can be harmful. 😊

  • The earliest i can get into the docs is 12th September so i will take if from there, thanks again for all your replies

    Dotti x

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