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gut problems

Hi I have been on Levo since 2009 but last year ask to see Endo at my local hospital due to bouts of fatigue she suggested I stop taking Levo in order to get accurate bloods T3 T4 TSH I was reluctanat to do this but in June last year went on holiday and decided to stop Levo.I was ok for 2months but from late August to December started to feel awful. Symtoms were blurred vision,eyes watering ,aching muscles, fatigue,lack of concentration poor memory, a feeling of being elswhere I felt I would pass out a couple of times. I went back on Levo in the January this year and got back to some normality but during the period of no Levo bloods were taken and deemed to be normal by Endo so WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE!!! The one thing I did notice is my stomach problems improved but now is back to feeling bloated,gurgling inconsistant stools, wind, burping,back odour etc.

Can anyone provide advise as I feel medical profession do not take these problems seriously.

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Hi,, I too have been having an awful time with stomach issues lately,, I have recently tried switching to another brand to see if that helps, without being to graphic, I can deff tell a difference between the two brands, and my missus is far happier Perhaps your having issues with one of the fillers ? And why your endo said to come off meds I'll never understand ..


Hi Ian

Can you tell me what the two brands are and which one you switched to and also are they prescribed by your GP.



Yes of course,, I was on mercury pharma thyroxine and switched to actavis,, to be honest I don't like either,, it's like choosing between the rubbish and the trash but they have different fillers, there's also wockhard but that only comes in 25s ,, it's worth a go,, plus as marz said, normal means nothing,,


In your thread a year ago - it was suggested you had other tests done - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - B12. Did you have them done and what were the results ? Also can you post your latest thyroid results with ranges....then others will come along and help.

Are you still on just 50mcg ?

Never accept 'normal' from your GP. Normal is an opinion - NOT a result. Where you are in the ranges is critical and most of all how you are feeling....

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I am returning to GP in order to get bloods taken i will ask for all you suggested but do I need to ask for any others to be included


You also need to have a full thyroid profile done - TSH - FT4 - FT3. Can you have them done privately - in case your Doc or the Lab refuses the FT3 test based on costs and when the TSH is in range :-(


Many people cannot tolerate levo as one of the side effects is gut issues- it is clearly listed on the patient info in the pack.

The problem is that the NHS will not prescribe anything else.

You could do what many here have been forced to do through nhs negligence- self medicate with ndt


What is ndt and how do I get it


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