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Hi again all

Had my blood test results as follows 01.06.15

Serum 4.7. (0.27-4.2

Serum free t4 level 11.0. (13.10-21.30)

Doctor as put me on levothyroid 100mg

Asked doctor for print out which she did I then asked doc for some more info,doc told me that was it doc then told me you only had a thyroid test this time.

Any more advice of you nice people.

EDIT: Sorry people doctor as put me on 125mg levothyroxine not 100mg as put on earlier post.

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Well doctor not been very helpful as probably doesn't know much! Sad but often true. A starting dose is usually 25 or 50 so 100 is a lot. If you find you are not getting on with it then take a lower dose for a while. Cut the 100 in half, chemists sell pill cutters quite cheaply. Did the doctor say you need to be retested after 6 weeks? Then you usually need an increase. If you are tolerating the 100 ok then you may not. Get the retest and post your results and the ranges and we shall be able to advise. Do keep a diary of doses, results and how you are feeling. It will help in the long term. Wish I had done that!

There is a lot of info on the Thyroid UK site. Please read and ask for help if you don't understand. It's a lot to take in particularly when not feeling well. Nothing is too trivial-we understand as we have all been there. Don't expect miracles, it's a slow process and baby steps are more useful so don't try to speed things up. Not trying to put you off but just saying how it is.

Hope you soon start to feel a little better but don't be surprised if it sometimes feel you are going backwards a little. As we start to feel a little better we start to do more and that will show up in the next blood test as still needed a little more medication.

Make sure you take the tablets correctly. On an empty stomach, ie at least 2 hours after food and take with a full glass of water. Nothing else for another hour. Keep well away from any other medication, hormones as well and 4 hours away from Calcium. Sounds complicated but you will be able to find a way of juggling that suits you. Good luck!

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Thank you silverfox7 for your quick reply. Doc as put me on 124mg not 100mg as I put DER!

I did say to doc I thought it was high. Doc replied its done by weight of person I'm 14 half stone 6.2 tall,and putting more weight on. I've bored u enough lol. Doc told me to book next appointment in 3mths.....would you question that siverfox7


Well it takes 6 weeks to be stable so anytime from then onwards but see how you feel. If you feel good then fine, no rah but if still struggling I would go back and ask to be tested. Not everyone can take to Levo so I tend to think to start low incase your body finds it difficult. Also until you start it you haven't really got much idea how much you are going to need, I've not come across anyone being dosed on weight before! I always think that it's easier to gradually build up till you find what's right for you. I e only just moved up to 125 mcg a day but for a long time I was on 75/100. I think it's easier to gradually increase after retesting than risk over medicating and swinging between hypo and hyper! It gets confusing then as some problems are the same for under and over so it's more difficult I feel to reach the right dose. If you increase slowly not only does your body adjust to the bedication better I think you start the recognise the improvement more accurately.


Buma, I've edited your post to update and will deleted your other post. If you want to edit your own posts click on the [n]v down arrow and select Eddit. Make changes and click on the orange Edit Response.

TSH is above the ref range and FT4 below range which means you are hypothyroid.

Levothyroxine usually started between 50-75mcg, sometimes 100mcg. I would cut a 100mcg tablet in half and take 50mcg with the 25mcg tablet for 4 weeks before increasing to 100mcg and stick with that dose for 4 weeks and have a thyroid blood test before increasing further. Leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw and ideally have the blood draw early in the morning before breakfast (water is fine) as TSH is highest then.

Take Levothyroxine with water one hour before, or two hours after, food and drink, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements and, 4 hours away from iron, calcium and vitD.




Hi clutter and thanks for your reply and advice. Doctor put me on Levo 125mg no talk about subject. I did say to doctor that seems high being my 1st time doc told me it's done by weight like I mentioned to silverfox7. Doc told me to book appointment in 3mths time...... Clutter do you think I should query that and also do I book a thyroid or fbc.


Buma, first dose is sometimes estimated by weight but I still think 125mcg is too much to start on. You may end up on 125mcg but you should build up to it as it may be a shock to the system taking 125mcg in the beginning. You should book a thyroid blood test in 8 weeks.


Clutter thanks once again for ur reply and good advice, I will halve it then maybe build it up to full dose 125mg. Plus I will book appointment in 8 weeks many thanks.


Please put correct units on all your figures. There are different types of units used in US & UK, we can't give you suggestions if we're not sure what you're posting. BTW, full replacement dose of T4 is about 1.7mcg/kg body weight; 125mcg is about right if your weight is about 73kg. If your weight is less than that and 125mcg isn't doing the job, you need to find out what your FT3 is doing, in case you are a poor converter.


Eddie83 thanks for your advice,I will look into FT3 there's so much to learn,who would have thought a little thing called a thyroid could be so complicated and cause so many problems.


Every cell in your body needs thyroxine so that makes it complicated! It also means we don't always follow the same path or have the same symptoms but mostly we feel intense tiredness. As you get into it you will learn to listen to your body. Read up as much as you can as that will help and particularly in these early days post your results and we shall help you to understand.


Silverfox7 you have good points which I appreciate and greatful for,clutter also mentioned about cutting the dose over a period. Which sounds like good advice to me. I will book docs appointment for thyroid test for 6weeks time..........not the 3mths doc said.


I hope it goes well but be patient and any questions ask.


My regular doctor put me on generic thyroid medicine when I was first diagnosed about 3 yrs ago. I was on it for 4 months and kept getting worse. So I decided to go to a thyroid specialist and he told me NEVER TO TAKE GENERIC THYROID MEDICINE. IT DOES NOT WORK. I AM ON .125 sythroid and my thyroid has been fine. Hope this helps


However, Lannett brand generic levothyroxine is identical to the well-respected Unithroid product. Certainly some people get on well with it.

Also advice never to take generic thyroid medicine is not really applicable in the UK. We do not have any formally branded products - neither levothyroxine nor liothyronine. And we only have three makes of levothyroxine and one of liothyronine.

Finally, we see here (and elsewhere) all too many people who were not happy with Synthroid branded levothyroxine. I am very happy for you that it seems OK for you.


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