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4days without T3 did I push it too far?

Okay had my test done after four days of not taking my T3 last week results are back

I am guessing being off them for four days wasn't good.

the Serum TSH Level is 27mIU/L according to my doctor they should be 0.30-5.50mIU/L

Serum free T4 level is 4.8 pmoI/L but as I dont take levo I should be more worried about my

T3. Before the test I was taking 45mcg which the endo had asked me to take as I had gone

Hyper from hypo on 60 mcg which I did but I increased it to 50 after the test last friday to 25

at midday and 25 before bed now doc wants me to up it to 60 to get the tsh back to

5.50mIU/L. Any advice please. Then test in 2 months time.

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I believe most people on T3 just don't take it the day of the test until after they have had their test. 4 days may have been overkill :D

Perhaps for your next test just leave out your morning dose, or take it after your blood test (depending what time it is). T3 has a relatively short half-life compared with T4 so you don't need to leave off it for very long. I hope that helps a little :)

Carolyn x


Does your doctor know what you did?

I suspect he does not and his suggestion of going to 60 is because he thinks your high TSH occurred while taking 45 mcg.

I do not understand why you stopped taking T3 for four days. General advice is to not take it in the very few hours before a test. Maybe defer the tablet you would normally take at 09:00 until 11:00? Or something like that. The test they did is showing the results of a completely abnormal, artificial, short-term state and is, basically, of little or no interest or relevance to anyone. Worse, it could (and I think is) resulting in you getting poor advice. About all it really showed is that your pituitary can make large amounts of TSH if it "thinks" it needs to.

If you were over-dosed at 60 in the past, I would NOT take 60 now. I would take 45, maybe even 50, and see how it goes.


I think Paul Robinson states in his book "Recovering with T3" that blood tests when on T3 only are fairly meaningless and the results will be soley dependent on when the last dose of T3 was ingested.

I agree with Rod that 60 is probably too much. Are you monitoring your pulse, BP and HR as I think when on T3 only, these are probably good indicators of whether your dose is about right?


Hi Clearbear,

I have to get that book sooner rather than later ordering tonight. As to monitoring my plus and heart rate no to both and it seems I should be doing as well as taking my temp in the mornings.


yes jude44, that book will teach you those things and more, it will be very good reading :)

I understand why you did what you did: leaving 4 probably did not want the 'doc' to tell you you were overdosed 'just because' of a suppressed TSH, however yes, 4 days is too long.

I have left 36 hours before one of my blood tests and my TSH was still suppressed (I was on 125mcg when I did that), but usually I leave about 24 hours from last dose to test.

to be honest as blood tests don't really tell you much when you are on T3 you should really really monitor yourself closely: ie the pulse rate the temperatures and blood pressures. I do this, not every day anymore (used to do it every day several times a day, now only one day a week or so, but I am stable on a dose)


Sorry yest I meant BP, HR and temperature :D The book is a very good read :)


Do you think this book would benefit me? I am feeling better on NDT but I still think I have a way to go. Do you think it would help me to make the most of my NDT?


do you have low/high cortisol? are you thinking of doing the CT3M?

the book is very interesting, I have it, but I would not say you 'need it', you can equally learn enough form the STTM facebook group where they have files on the CT3M and discuss it all the time (that's if you don't 'hate' joining facebook to get in the group). The book is not only about the CT3M is about T3 mainly and a little about CT3M. (I have not read it all yet, am 'lazy' when it comes to reading books)


I don't know my cortisol levels. I know they are definitely improved by I still have some symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I wondered if this might be the missing link to be being totally well or if I was just being impatient :D

The main thing that puts me off the CT3M is waking up 1.5 hours before I would normally get up in order to take my NDT. I can never get back to sleep once I am awake and worry it would do more harm than good. I might join that group on Facebook (I did a while ago but found it too confusing at the time) and check out the info though. I might be worrying about nothing :)


Carolyn x


It is highly recommended to know your cortisol levels before you start T3CM......

I think you get used to waking up for your CM dose, clarebear might be able to help on this one :D Also, if you don't fall back asleep at first it doesn't matter, it still works so long that you stay in bed and rest (ie lights out and not reading not doing anything).


Thanks :)


also, if you join the fb group, join the T3 only group, that is where all the T3CM talk goes on and they have a document in the files section for following T3CM


Ok. Thank you :)


I have the book and go on the facebook group every now and then - although I used to frequent it more last summer, as I got lots of help from Paul and the others.

I too was scared to start the CT3M for the same reason and to be honest still struggle to get back to sleep after the early morning dose, buts as nbd says it still works so long as you rest in bed.

For me it had a really dramatic effect. Before starting it I was suffering badly with vertigo and anxiety but not any more (touch wood) :D Even though my thyroid hormone levels have dropped low again fortunately these really unpleasant symptoms haven't returned so I think they must be more adrenal.

Over all my sleeping has improved too, although a bit hay wire at the moment.

I agree with nbd and think you don't need the book for CT3M - all the info needed is on the facebook group. I do think you should do an adrenal saliva test first though as a baseline and to see if it is needed or not xxxx


Thanks. I may have to invest in the test sometime in the new year. It may explain why I struggle to get up in the morning despite 8 hours sleep.


Yes Carolyn, you will need to get checked, and having low iron/and/or adrenal issues will stop you from becoming optimal on NDT. :)


I will be getting iron checked again in february. I'll invest in the saliva test around then too. I should have the money by then :)


T3 only has an 8 hour half life, so half would have gone in that time, (unlike T4 which is 8 days).

Therefore, if you take your T3 the morning before the test, ie 24 hours before, that should give a more accurate reading.


Thanks Muffy will do.

Doctors going to think I am crazy when I go back Monday and

confess all actually he already thinks I am as I am the only one in the surgery who

takes T3 :-)


I am on NDT so a mixture of T3 and T4 and miss my dose the previous evening so leave a gap of about 20 hours before the test. I think it is important to do the same thing each time as any variations will then be more meaningful :) x


I never thought of taking the test at the same time. I always change the times. Also I hate having it done as I always get prodded in both arms because they can not find a vein and this is at the hospital :-( and no the nurse at the Doctors can't either she is worse lol. But from now onI will be keeping the same time.

Merry Chrismas and A Happy New Year


Merry Christmas an Happy Nes Year to you too!! :) x


PS The earlier in the day you have your test, the higher the TSH will be. As the day goes on the TSH reduces and hence labs and doctors can mistakenly say a patient is euthyroid, at say 12pm whereas at 8am, it could be a completely outcome and they would diagnose as hypothyroid! Therefore, if you want to keep your meds up, have your tests as early in the day as possible.

I would rather go to my local hospital as I can book an 8 - 8.30 slot whereas at my GP surgery, I have to wait for the patients to go first who are having a fasting blood test.

Just a thought for you.


Happy New Year Muffy,

Okay off to see the doctor tomorrow morning as it is Friday hospital does afternoon tests but I will be taking my first T3 dose at 4am then my final dose will be at 3pm making it 50mcg (can't split the dose too tiny). will post results here when I get them going for the full whack this time. :-)


With T3 you should really leave 24hrs before blood tests.

Hope all goes well.


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