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Letter to Dr update...looks good!

I wrote a letter to my surgery a few weeks ago after a particularly crappy week to the only Dr I had not seen there, in a last ditch attempt to get some help with my Levo saga.

Well, yesterday I had my appointment, apologised for writing to him, but he said he was happy that I had written everything down prior to the appointment so he could understand the issues. After asking a few more questions about symptoms and how long this had all been going on, he agreed with me that I needed a full blood test INCLUDING the full thyroid count for T3 and T4 ( I have been just getting a TSH number and was told by my previous doctor that they would NOT do a full thyroid test without an Endo, who also refused to see me...) plus cortisol, Vit D, everything I had asked for in my letter basically, plus a few others to rule out anything else such as CFS. He did say that the issue of thyroid was 'tricky' but didn't fob me off with the usual gumph about TSH levels.

I forgot to mention a few other things ( as usual) but came away feeling positive and most importantly, that he had listened to me.

He told me to have a 9am blood test next week, and go from there.

So for now, I would definitely recommend:

a) changing doctors within surgeries until you find one that suits and

b) writing them a letter BEFORE the appointment with all the issues and symptoms as often once there we tend to forget things we wanted to say or issues we wanted to mention.

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well done - yes I wrote a letter to my new GP and sat there while she read it, it is so much easier to get things across in a clear unemotional manner, she too took me seriously. Also helps if you have brain fog and can't think straight!


Really strange reading this post today, I said the exact same thing this week! This is what I'm going to do today write it and send it to the doctor with hope of seeing her next week! I'm glad you wrote this as I wasn't sure if this was actually going to work or not...glad it went well for you ☺️


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