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Update Doctors letter

I've been waiting for a letter from the Dr since my last post.well it arrived today,my blood tests indicate hashimotos under active thyroid TPO 50> hypertension (spent the last 24hours hooked up to a monitor.)at one point my bp was210/108 pulse 78. and raised cholesterol also palpitations the kind that thump and them flutter madly. I'm currently not taking any medication despite the doctor wanting me to.I've asked the Drs for NDT and follow up I believe all these symptoms can be linked to under active thyroid and hashimotos disease and would be helped by taking that medication.I was told that they'd have to have a meeting this letter is the result of the meeting.

we have decided to seek advice from a Endocrinologist as to weather any further tests are required or would be recommended NH S treatment and relevant additional monitoring.

Currently it remains unlikely that we will prescribe NTD medication as it is unlicensed and you're thyroid tests currently fall within normal laboratory ranges. We will wait to hear from the endocrinologist team for now.

While I've been waiting I've started taking extra vitamin s and started a three month trial of gluten free. My plan is to have private bloods taken in 3months if I get no help from the doctors and if there's been no improvement ill start taking NDT privately.

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Pet-Lamb, what are your thyroid results?


Hello clutter, TPO 50> range 0.00-34.00 Tsh 3.8 0.30- 4.50

free t3 5.2 3.10-6.80

Free t 4 14.8 11-22


Pet-Lamb, I think it is highly unlikely you will get treatment on NHS until TSH is >4.50, and when you do it will be Levothyroxine. Your FT4 is a very respectable mid-range, and your FT3 is excellent, just shy of the top third of range.

100% Gluten-free is likely to help manage Hashi symptoms and as antibodies are mildly elevated may even reduce them below range. I think it is likely to take longer than 3 months to see improvement in antibodies.


Thank you clutter, I think you're right I don't really expect the nhs to give me any treatment yet ill have a private blood test for Thyroid after the three months as planned but give the gluten free 6months trial instead of 3 as originally the meat I think I might have to accept blood pressure medication.


Pet-lamb, low thyroid levels can cause raised blood pressure but I really can't see your thyroid levels, which are good, causing such a spike. Th link below lists other possible causes of hypertension.


Thanks again clutter I'll look into it.


A good read is "Root Cause" by Izabella Wentz that explains Hashimotos, the effects on the body and how to reduce antibody levels.


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Thanks flower I will try and get that out of the library it's expensive to buy

Reply you have the book? Could you please tell me what tests she had done to determine food sensitivities? She said in her news letter "I further refined my diet by doing an elimination diet, and had a differnt type of food sensitivity test, this one measured a few different pathways of inflammation, not just the pathway that effects the gut" What test would this be?

Thanks so much for looking into this for me. I am very ill for 7 years..just devastated. My food sensitivity test and avoiding those foods wasn't enough.

Maybe PM me, please..thanks again.

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How are your levels of Iron - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD ?


Can I get back to you on this Mars I have 8 pages of blood results includes those ones but can't get to them at the minute.I'm taking supplement for them at the moment. Self imposed.


Sorry for late reply Mars here's the results

Folate 18.3. Range 2.00-18.80

B12 464. Range 150.00-1000.00

Serum vitamin D 68 Range >50 vitamin D adequate 50>75 75> optimal

Ferreting 47 range 12-250.00


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