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Medical records recieved - previous TSH reaults

Hello guys,

I have received my medical history so I can start building up a time line. The first thing I'm looking at is thyroid stuff. Your thoughts on my results would be greatly appreciated.

(Not on any medication)

May 2010

TSH 0.81 (0.5-5)

Nov 2010

TSH 0.52 (0.5-5)

Oct 2015

TSH 1.58 (0.5-5)

Free thyroxine 10.7 (10-25)

TPO Antibody 176H (<50)

Feb 2015

TSH 1.58 (0.5-5)

April 2015

TSH 2.06 (0.5-5)

Thanks guys

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Well, you have Hashi's, and it is very slowly destroying your thyroid, because your TSH is very slowly going up.

However, you FT4 in October doesn't correspond to your TSH, because it's very, very low, which would mean that your FT3 is probably very low, too. Which could cause all sorts of symptoms.

How do you feel?

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Hey greygoose,

Thanks for replying.

I feel awful to be honest, struggle to do anything at the moment. If I could just rest all day I would.

Does my results of TSH mean that it's improving? I don't feel like I'm getting better I feel like I'm getting worse.

I have this week cut out gluten and ordered supplements to try and help.



You are getting worse. TSH is rising, High TSH means hypo. But yours isn't yet high enough to persuade a doctor to treat you. Low FT4 means hypo, but doctors Don't understand that, and tend to only look at the TSH.

Keep on testing for thyroid. The odds are that your TSH is just going to get higher and higher until one day they will be forced to take notice of it. Or, if you look for another doctor, you might find one that understand that if you have antibodies and symptoms, you should be treated no matter what your TSH.

What suppléments have you ordered? You shouldn't just take any old thing. It's best to get tested for vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin, first. If you start taking suppléments before the tests, you will skew the results. You need the tests to know how much to take of what.

But you could start taking vit c and magnesium and see how you go.


Yes I am finding it a bit difficult to relay to my doctor how I'm actually feeling. I know the doctor and endo don't seem to be concerned by my results.

I have had some tests done I'll only write ones that might be of help

October 2014

Sodium 143 (133-146), total protein 81 (60-80), GGT 13 (12-43), alanine amino 10 (9-52), albumin 47 (35-50), inorganic phosphate 1.49 (0.8-1.5), adjusted calcium 2.28 (2.20-2.60), B12 266 (200-680), ferritin 37 (8-205), folate 1.9 (2.5-17), haemoglobin 14.6 (11.0-15.0), eosinophils 0.66 (0.01-0.50)

April 2015

Sodium 143 (133-146), total protein 73 (60-80), GGT 10 (12-43), albumin 46 (35-50), adjusted calcium 2.16 (2.20-2.60), TSH 2.06 (0.50-5.0), B12 278 (200-680), ferritin 40 (8-205), folate 2.4 (2.5-17), total 25 OH Vit D 76, PV 1.56 (1.50-1.72)

My doc had me on folic acid 5mcg per week. I ordered Jarrows B12 5000mcg to start with.

I do have to go back to my doctor to discuss a few other things and the outcome of the apt with the endo (which isn't much lol)

Vitamin C and magnesium, I shall look for that tomorrow when at the chemist.

(Sorry for long reply)

Thanks as always for all your help ☺️


Good that you're on B12, because it was dangerously low. But I think you might need a bit more than 5000 in the beginning, to bring it up enough. Try 5000 one day and 10000 the next for a couple of weeks.

You should be taking a B complex with the B12 because they all work together. See if you can find one with methylfolate, rather than folic acid, and that will bring your folate up nicely.

But that ferritin is too low. Are you taking anything for that?

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Ah that's brilliant, I will do that with the B12! Fab idea. (Does it matter what time of the day I take it?)

I'm going to go to the pharmacist today to look for a b complex. Will defo keep an eye for the methyl folate. I thought that the folic acid would bring up the ferritin..I take it that's something different then?

If I get the B complex, should I still try vit c and magnesium?



Folic acid is nothing to do with iron. You need some sort of iron supplement.

Yes, do take lots of vit C, it's so good for so many things. And the odds are that you're low on magnesium. People take massive doses of that these days. But I think you should also be taking a little vit D3, zinc and vit K2 with it, so that they Don't become unbalanced.

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Thanks greygoose ☺️

I have started eating red meat at least once a week now to try and help.

Ahh silly me, I didn't realise they weren't the same thing!

Brilliant thanks I'm armed with loads of info to go the pharmacist with. Think it will be an expensive day (on a rift budget) hoping they do help me cost effectively as I'm not working at the moment 😳 I won't hold my breath! Lol

I know that B12 and B complex are not ones to scrimp on!


OK, but you Don't have to buy everything at once. It's not good to start a lot of new things at the same time. Because if something doesn't agree with you, you won't know which one it is! Introduce your suppléments gradually, one at a time.


Actually that's a brilliant point! Well perhaps I'll just get one today! I haven't yet started the Jarrows will take them tonight and see how it goes!

Thank you really so so much for your help, it means so much to be able to try and make things better!

☺️ X


You're more than welcome. :)

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3 different health shops I went to, could I find a B Complex with methylfolate....nope...😔 I just got one that seemed to be the best!

Might have to search online for when I've used these ones! X


Thorne B Complex is available at iHerb and contains methylated forms.

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Ahh! Brill Julie, thanks! I did look at that last week, I couldn't see the label on Amazon so I didn't go ahead with it, I'll look at the site you mention! ☺️


Thank you, Julie, that's good to know. :)


Ying, TSH is low-normal although slowly rising but FT4 was very low in October. Ask GP to consider secondary hypothyroidism and to order FT4 next time. If FT4 is below range you need thyroid replacement.

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I shall do that! I'll mark it down in my diary. Not sure if she will test that though...looking through all my previous tests seems that was only tested once, no harm in asking though!

Thanks for your input ☺️


Ying, insist, and put the request in writing if GP refuses. Your FT4 is very low but your TSH isn't very high so secondary hypothyroidism should be considered.

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Thanks clutter, I shall chat with my doctor about this when I see her next ☺️

Hopefully she will see where I'm coming from. Endo already discharged me thinking that everything is fine. Being my last test was only quite recently I'm assuming they won't test for a while now!

Waiting per 😉

Thanks everything in seems to be starting to sink into my brain and making more sense ☺️


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