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I have been tracking my Thyroid results over last 2 years , I have been taking T3 Only for last 4 Yrs took a While to tweak dosage , Im currently taking 70 Mcg divided into X 4 doses.

My TSH as come back 0.5 even on Different doses ? Last Blood draw I didnt take T3 for 15 hours before Blood draw , yet TSH was still 0.5 ? Now Endo says i need to reduce dosage due to long term damage causing Osteoporosis and Heart condition ?? I feel well on this dosage No pain or Depression ect . Im worried now that Consultant will write to GP to advise Reduction !!!!

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I am taking 100mcg T3 in one go with no ill effects. and my latest TSH (with a gap of 24hrs before test) was 0.01 - and GP has no problem. There is a problem, though, with scaremongering by Endos.

There are bigger risks with under-trearted Hypothyroidism. If you said that you have listened to his concerns, thank him for his opinion and for informing you of the possible risks, but you prefer to carry on taking a dose at which you feel really well despite that, you should be able to do that.

Best of luck

Jenni x


Show him this which came from a study done in Dundee and says it may be safe to have a low but not suppressed TSH. I don't believe there is a huge risk from completely suppressed TSH especially if T3 is within range, but this covers your situation as your TSH is still detectable.


I realise the study was on people taking thyroxine but actually T3 suppresses TSH more than T4 does, so the fact that it's still detectable is surely even more significant?


There is more risk from heart problems if thyroid levels fall too low. Unless he can show you that you are thyrotoxic on the dosage you are taking, by showing you that your T3 level is way too high, then you should thank him kindly but insist on remaining the way you are. And, if he is SO concerned about your bones, how about a bone density test?

Mt TSH is 0.03 and I am just fine. When my TSH was 1.4 I was almost incapacitated and my heart became enlarged.

I agree with Janericat that on T3 the TSH is suppressed anyway, which actually renders the TSH useless as a way to judge whether the dosage is correct.


Provided your T3 isn't too high there is no risk. You are more at risk of both if you are undermedicated. TSH is useless for regulating dosage in hypothyroid patients. There has been recent research to show this. If your endo was any good he would know about this.

Perhaps you can talk to your GP about getting a T3 test. If he states on the form "on T3 treatment" or some such thing, hopefully the lab will do it.

Carolyn x


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