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Overactive thyroid very Low TSH and TSH changes !

Very Low TSH is it dangerous ?

2009 : 0.01

2010:TSH 0.05

2011:TSH 0.01

2012 :0.01


26 July 2014 :0.20 mU/L ( 0.35 -4.94 ) feel ok ...

9 October 2014 serum TSH level : 1.3 mU/L ( 0.35-4.94 ) feel fantastic :)

2015 : 0.01

2016 January :0.01

2016 March TSH : 0.01 very low again

2016 22 August TSH below range 0.01 ( 0.27-4.5) normal range

14 December 2016 : TSH level 0.30 mU/L ( 0.27-4.5 ) .......

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It's strange going up and down..thyroid specialist and GP didn't say anything ...



TSH responds to T4 and T3 levels. When T4 and T3 are high TSH will be low. When T4 and T3 are low TSH will be high to stimulate more thyroid hormone.

You weren't feeling fantastic 9 Oct 2013 because TSH was 1.13. You felt good because T4 and T3 levels weren't as high as they had been when TSH was 0.01.

Low TSH isn't dangerous, it's FT3 being high which can be dangerous.

I have no thyroid gland and my TSH has been 0.01 for 5 years. My endo would like it to be 0.05 but it seems stuck lower as it hasn't risen when Levothyroxine and T3 doses where reduced.

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Thank you so much for information l can't believe thyroid specialist 8 years never Say anything ! Lack of communication ! Didn't show me any blood test ! I'm sorry but NHS Health service rubbish ! Unbelieveable ....


thyroid specialist called me today my rai treatment date 28.04.2017 thanks for everything .l hope l feel better soon ! I made big mistake I'm stupid l shouldn't wait 8 years for rai treatment 😢😢😢 ......overactive thyroid very serious illness .you are very kind good night 😄 Bye ...



I hope it all goes well for you.


TSH can become irrelevent when at low levels if you are hypo the a) you will NOT be having overactive symptoms and b) most people NEED a TSH of less than 1 it is NOT dangerous!



Bora72 is hyperthyroid so TSH level is relevant to monitoring response to PTU.


I'm overactive almost 8 years


If you are having symptoms then so be it if you are not ignore the ignorant doctor.


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