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Should I supplement B12, Test result 354 (200 - 900)?


Just spoke with GP office to get blood results, only one that's come back so far is B12. GP's note says no action required but I'm thinking that 354 with a range of (200-900) is on the low side and I might benefit from supplementing? Have never taken B12 before so any advice on what I should look for, brand, potency etc would be really appreciated.


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My result was 342 and I was recommended to use b12. To me it works so I know I was deficient.

I use better you b12 spray now , I find it best for me. But there are for example Jarrow sublingual 1000 mcg / 5000 mcg and Solgar sublingual 1000 mcg/ 5000 mcg. These seem to be most used and liked.

Solgar 1000 mcg did not work for me even tho I put it in between my gum and cheek and let it dissolve up to 40 minutes. But better you b12 spray 1200 mcg works even though I only hold it under my tongue a minute or two before swallowing.

So basically it is trial and error to find b12 that works best for you :)

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That is so LOW . Anything under 500 is considered a problem in the world of those that know and understand B12 deficiency. Only 20% of your blood result will be available at a cellular level where the B12 is needed.

The above site will tell you everything you need to know about B12 - so do take time to have a good read :-) It will also tell you about the other tests required - which is also very important.

It's such a great pity that GP's seem to have little understanding of B12. I recently went to the B12 Conference at Loughborough University. Initially intended for Docs and health professionals. Sadly there was a poor uptake - probably due to having to pay. Normally conferences are financed by Big Pharma. So they opened their doors to others.

No wonder Docs do not improve their knowledge....

When B12 is very LOW - it becomes a neurological you will see when you click onto the link above....

Do ensure you have all the other tests mentioned for the complete picture....

Good luck !

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Thanks! I will spend lunch break checking out that site, really hoping supplementing will be one more little cog in place to help me feel better!

I posted a few weeks ago and discovered I hadn't been taking my Levo properly so switched to taking it at bedtime and my TSH has gone from 4.37 to 2.24, and been feeling a bit better over last few days so hoping that I might be able to continue this trend!

Thanks again, such great help here and very much appreciated.

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Meant to say - I am not medically qualified - just a fellow sufferer :-) Tried to edit - but it wouldn't let me !


I think you would benefit from supplementation. If you have a look at the protocol on the website it gives further details.

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I now have the rest of the test results from GP. Read up on B12 yesterday and going back to

Doctor on Tuesday so will discuss her note on the results that No action is needed for B12.

Other results show my TSH has gone down to 2.24 (0.35-5.00). I'd like to get this lower but think I will wait and see what happens with supplements and feedback from GP. I don't want to increase Levo at same time as starting supplements so that I can see if the supplements make a difference to how I'm feeling.

Vit D is quite low at 26 - range States 25-50 as insufficient.

Serum Ferritin is 24 (15-200) and lab report states 15-50 as an intermediate result. Serum Folate is 6 (3.1-20.00). I don't much about Folate so going to check that out today.

Haematocrit, mean cell volume and MCH are still low but I'm still taking Ferrous Sulphate and they have gone up since previous results so I'm assuming they are on the way to normal and will help to correct my anaemia.

Now got to come up with a plan to present to GP, will hold back and see what her interpretation of these results is first though!

Thanks everyone for your helpful



If you start taking vit B12 suppléments - methylcobalamin - you should also take a B complex - with methylfolate if possible - to keep the Bs balanced. That will bring your folate up.


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