Armour costs

I'm hoping to get some advice from yoy clever guys out there.

I have been taking armour for 2 years and feel great but the price has tripled recently as has other NDT due to a pig virus .

Before armour I was started on Levo 75 for six months which I now believe was too strong and I felt quite bad .

Question I try Levo again staring at 25 ? Combine it with t3 ? Or not to mess with the armour .

Any help greatly appreciated x

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  • I had a chat with a pharmacist who supplies my NDT last week and he said Armour is the most expensive. I take Naturethroid (1.5 grains) and it works out about £35 per month

  • I paid €75 and I inquired about efra and that was the same , I used to pay €25

  • Thyroid-S is still cheap as chips

  • Thank you I will inquire , I paid €75 for my last bottle and erfa was the same x

  • I paid about £38 for 1000 :-)

  • Perhaps it is a supply and demand issue but the price of pork hasn't risen that much in the U.S. and neither has the price of bacon. It does make one wonder. It may be that many more people desire the NDT. I would not try levo unless you are absolutely forced and only combined with t3. Levo is very inefficient.

    If you click on my name and look at previous posts, I made one on the various NDT hormones and what is in each.

  • There was apparently a huge price rise for pigs last year in the US due to exaggerated (fuelled by the media) fears over something called the PED virus. But this year the prices have dropped back to almost normal :

    (This is a first for me - having to investigate the price of American pigs!)

  • Are you talking about the four-legged kind, hb? teehee

    Armour could probably have raised the price for their NDT many times. I felt they were always fair and cheap compared to Synthroid for instance. I hope that didn't change.

  • However UK levothyroxine prices are low. Around two pounds or so for 28 tablets. (25 microgram tablets are almost three pounds for 28.) Indeed, Synthroid is a very high-priced medicine. So all desiccated thyroid looks expensive from a UK point of view.

  • I live in Spain and I pay about 20 pence a box , big difference compared to armour grhhh

  • Levo is very cheap here as well and there are several generic manufacturers. I've never seen any other NDT for sale besides Armour.

  • Thank you , let's hope they drop back down

  • Thank you so much for your help I will take a look

  • I would look for another brand of NDT if I was you. Price might be forcing you to change brand, but I don't see why it should make you change back to Levo when there are several other brands of NDT to try first.

  • I'm on to the research , thank you

  • Nature-Throid is one third what I used to pay for Armour.

  • I will get a quote , many thanks

  • Check pharmacy2u mentioned on the ThyroidUK website

    they have Armour in various sizes etc which seemed a good price.

    I was looking at it as I'm considering changing my brand.

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