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How often should labs be done?

Suffering from hashimotos, TPO over 600. Severe symtoms. No treatment as U.S. doctors won't with "normal labs". How often should I request follow up thyroid labs be done to find any changes before they become a real health problem. Because as I've already told three doctors, if I feel like this with normal labs, I worry how I will even function at all when they actually are "abnormal" enough for treatment

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Also thinking about finding synthroid from Canada perhaps, is there a safe way to get treatment without a script?


Funnygembunni, Labs every six months to a year should be frequent enough. Thyroid deterioration is slow and TSH and FT4 are unlikely to become abnormal quickly.

If you find a source for Synthroid and self medicate you should have labs done 6-8 weeks after starting and after every dose adjustment.


If i were you i would try a small dose of t3, also can find on line. Easier to work with, no labs required either..treat by symptoms. I am in the US too. Do you know what labs you had done and results to post? You may be able to find another doctor that does better than yours, altho difficult to do.. I have been thru 4 Endocrinologists now.


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