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Calf's feel heavy & tired


Hi all

I have underactive thyroid I've had my bloods

Done all come back within normal

Range I saw that.

I have had these uncomfortable feeling in my calf's for ages & they feel

Heavy & tired at times but not painful. Like I've ran a million marathons in a day. I'm a runner but even when I'm not running & on my feel all day they feel

The same. My doctor has insisted this is not thyroid related so what could it be?


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Hi Wayne, just being in range isn't good enough. Where in the range were they? You need to get a print-out of your results - it's your legal right to have one - with the ranges, and post them on here. Then we'll be better able to help you.

Doctors know noting about thyroid symptoms. Some doctor say everthing you tell them is unconnected to thyroid, when it blatently is.

But, having said that, it could be due to nutritional deficiencies, especially magnesium and/or B12. Have you had any tested?

Wayne39 in reply to greygoose

Hi greygoose

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm on 125mg evertine I asked for it to be increased in told. We can't increase it anymore or it will be dangerous & you will be over.

I hit a brick wall every time with it. I never had these pains Before in my calf's I've told them this. I will ask for a copy of my last blood results & post them to you. I did wonder about the other defociencys & asked. Again I was poo pooed & told it won't be that.

What others should I insist on getting tested for?

Thank you so much for your help


greygoose in reply to Wayne39

Ideally what you want tested is :






vit D

vit B12




I very much doubt if they'd test for magnesium - they Don't sound very clued up! So, you could just try taking some and see how you do.

Nutrition in another thing doctors know nothing about. Today's doctors only really know how to do a minimum of tests, then look at a computer screen - rather than the patient - and prescribe as many dangerous drugs as possible! Do I sound anti-doc? Oh, I'm sorry, maybe that's because I am!!! lol

But, when we're hypo, I'm afraid we're pretty much on our own, and have to learn as much as we possibly can. And that's what this forum is for. :)

Wayne39 in reply to greygoose

Thank yo so much greygoose your very helpful. Can I insist on having these tests? Do I have to have them in blocks or all at once?


The doctors at my surgery are crap tbh. No matter what I say all I get is your levels are fine it's not your thyroid.

So I agree with you completely.

I will

Take that list to the surgery & I suppose try will say. You don't need that done blah blah blah


greygoose in reply to Wayne39

Oh, I know! And in the end, they have the upper hand - you can be insistant, but you can't demand they do them because they just won't if they Don't want to. But you could have them done privately, if you can afford it.

Wayne39 in reply to greygoose

Thanx once again for you advice greygoose I can only buy try


Hi Wayne, I get the same feeling in my legs quite often. I'm a runner too and like you say, sometimes it feels like I've run miles when I haven't. I'm awaiting an endo trip next week so will see what transpires, but for you I'd agree with Grey about a full set of tests.

Though if that's the only symptom, are you sure you're not overtraining a bit? Perhaps have a week off running and see if that helps?

When metabolism is lowered due to being Hypo - then the build up of lactic acid takes longer to leave the muscles....just a thought ? :-)

A lot of people on this forum find that random aches and pains disappear when their Vitamin D shortage is addressed. Your do have to take much more than the one-a-day Vitamin D pills you get over the counter to improve your levels if they are low.


I was advised to stop running until I was on a stable dose of thyroxine (that made me feel well). Like you I had really achy legs. I felt like I was running through sand all the time. I had really bad knee and hip pain, which I thought was from running. When my dose was increased, the pain went.

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