Anyone tried new brand of NDT called TR?

I just went to buy my NDT, and aside from Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, there's a new brand called TRT from TR.MAN pharmacy.

It states 'For Research Purposes Only' and 'Not USP verified'.

It's pink sugar coated (with explaination of why this is better) and similar T4/T3 % as others. Doesn't say if it's porcine or country of manufacture.

It's no cheaper, and there's no reviews. Has anyone tried this brand? I've asked them to send me a small pack along with my usual Thyroid-S.

(Please don't reply to ask where it's from)

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  • It seems to be a pretty new brand which could explain why there are so few reviews. But the ones I've seen so far seem positive.

    It's porcine and it's said to contain the same amount of hormones as Thyroid-S (38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3 per grain). Manufactured in Thailand.

  • Adding to Anna69 comment, I have read that it's hard to cut it up, making it difficult to dose unless you take whole grains, tho I must add I haven't taken it myself.

  • Yes, I think it's even impossible to cut up TR without it crumbling completely...Thyroid-S, on the other hand, can be split using a pill cutter, but I am not sure how that affects absorption, as I am not sure if the slow-release component in Thyroid-S is in the coating.

  • Its been around for a year or so. And I can guess your supplier and trust him. My feeling is that as with all the other medications out there, its almost certainly made from the same porcine extract as all the others, so its only the fillers and presentation that differs. If you are happy with Thyroid S then why rock the boat?

    How much are you paying for your Thryoid S these days? My supply is dwindling (I generally stash several years worth in the freezer, so its not critical) but I see prices have jumped from the £40 odd I paid last time.

  • £56 for 1000 grains Thyrid-S inc delivery

    Plus £4 bank transfer fee

    Interest rates have really gone against us since July, I paid £35 last May

    (I hope this is ok to post)

  • I'm sure its OK, as long as we don't share our source. But if not I am equally sure that it will be mentioned soon enough!

  • Shame about the coating so it cannot be cut up. Presumably an enteric coating to survive the journey through stomach acid?

  • I think the comment about "For research purposes only" is intended to overcome some regulations somewhere, about selling NDT without a doctor involved.

  • Interesting but I take 1.75 so looks like not for me but I would be interested to see a list of contents. After all it could have fillers that don't agree with us so I do think they should be available.

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